The Last IBOT

It feels kinda silly writing this post today as I kinda already said the majority of what I wanted to say last week. But I wanted to give you guys a chance to link-up one last time and say goodbye to your fellow Tuesday-linking buddines, so here is your chance.

I have made so many wonderful friends via blogging, and IBOT in particular, some who are still around in the blogging world, some who disappeared, and some who I continue to follow via being friends on Facebook.

It's a funny old thing, goodbyes. I've always found them hard. But I feel like this is a good goodbye, a celebration of the thing that blogging is built on, community.

So in that vein, I'd love it if you would link-up not only a post that you've written today, but also link-up an old IBOT post that you particularly loved. Heck, link up 5, 10 even, old posts that you blogged on a Tuesday. Let's send the old gal off in style!

Here are a few of my favourite IBOT posts from over the years, from most recent to oldest...

A post about those things whose endings sneak up on you

One of my favourite posts ever, a letter I wrote to Punky before she started school in 2017

A post about the stranger who knocked on our door in the middle of the night

Writing about my struggle with mental health & my weight and having an a-ha moment when I found a picture of myself that my daughter took of me

My very first post as host of IBOT

Boy, does reading back over this give me some nostalgia. I think I totally need to write a new one, with seven things in 7 years, but my number one thing will probably still be the same (the days are long but the years are short!)

"The ones we love and lose may be gone from this earth but they will always be with us. Living in that secret part of our hearts that keeps their spirit alive."

Probably one of the most raw posts I've ever written, but one that I'm most proud of, especially after years later having a new Mum find it, read it, and message me to tell me how much better she felt after reading it.

That time I gave birth on a Tuesday and then 6 hours later had a post up for IBOT, announcing her arrival! Followed about a month later by parts 1 & 2 of her birth story for IBOT as well.

The 1000th post on my blog needed something big, and I came up with the biggest thing of all!


Well, there you have it! IBOT was witness to some pretty special moments of my life. The lovely people of IBOT were there on the day I published my 1000th blog post and revealed I was pregnant with Zee, they were there on the day I gave birth, there on Punky's first day of school, and so many other amazing things.

It's been the most incredible ride and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by here on a Tuesday and leaving your lovely comments, and later leaving your lovely links. It's meant the world to me!

Here's to the glory that is IBOT, may she rest in beautiful peace xx


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