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Thursday, 28 May 2009

My First Post!

So I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and decided it was time to take the plunge. If there is one thing in my life I wish I had pursued it would be my love of writing.

I used to write a lot when I was younger. In primary school I would spend weekends working on my stories, stories about my sisters and I going on adventures. My favourite one was 'Lost on a Deserted Island'. I worked so hard to tell the story of how my sisters and I were ship-wrecked on a deserted island and had to fend for ourselves. I was so proud of my story that I decided it deserved to be published, so I published it.

I wrote the story out as neatly and carefully as I could (after getting mum to spell-check computer back then in 1991!) and illustrated it with my Derwent Watercolours. The front & back covers were made from nice, white cardboard and the pages stapled in. The crowning glory was the desert island I drew and covered in gold glitter...the sparkliest desert island ever!

I was so proud of this effort that I took it to school to show my Year 3 teacher Ms. Bond. She marked it for me and gave it an A and it was displayed at Book Week in the library.

To this day it's my only published work.

In high school I wrote a lot of angsty poetry. It was a way to express my feelings without having to actually confess them to anyone. Looking back on it now it seems I was a very un-happy teenager and some of it still makes me sad but I wish I could harness that creativity again, because, by my standards anyway(!), I though it wasn't too bad.

I think I'll post all sorts of stuff to my blog, some funny, some serious, some conflicting and definitely contradictory! This is just my way to express my thoughts and see if there's anyone else out there who thinks like me. And to stretch that writing muscle again. I think it's atrophied!


  1. Welcome! Have enjoyed what you've posted so far!

  2. hey kylie, where did this book end up? I wanna read it!!

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  6. Oh Derwents... The pride of the pencil case! You've sure got a lot more work to add to 'Lost on a deserted island' now!

  7. So many stories you must have told by now...

  8. I think everything should be covered in gold glitter. The world would be a much nicer sparkly place :-)

    I've just discovered your blog and am keen to read more!

  9. Oh wow, look at the awesomeness you have created from humble beginnings! Hope you and your little ones are doing well xx

  10. wow - way back in 2009!! Go you!

  11. Writing really is awesome. Like you I wish that I had the same creativity that I had as a teenager. I wonder if maybe as a teenager I was more it's all about me, and so wrote with more abandon than I do now, always thinking about the consequences. Maybe I would just like something in the middle.

  12. Love this memory of your first published work :) Good on you for keeping up the writing so long!

  13. Like you, the only time I've been published was in the school magazine an even longer time ago than 1991. Sigh. Glad the blog worked out so well for you and you were able to flex those writing muscles again. xo

  14. I suppose I don't consider myself a writer despite having thousands of articles in print, maybe because it's journalism, the news and not creative so I don't consider myself a writer. Oh how I would love a year off the write for fun/love about anything - I think I have a book in me, just not when I have boring paid work to do :) xx

  15. This is so cool. I'm loving this first post business. Seeing what inspired people to start, and seeing how they've traveled. You're doing brilliantly, aren't you?
    Does someone still have that book? That would be a cool thing to still have.

  16. Omg I've just realised that blogging really is just my grown up version of adolescent angsty poetry. Ah well, it's good to have an outlet! You've been blogging for ages haven't you? It's great that you're still going strong.


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