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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nine {52 week project} | Photography

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky} This picture basically sums up Punky; always moving and dancing, never standing still. Unless it's to prove to me that she doesn't need to go to the toilet!

{Zoe} This kid is so cuddly. Cuddly with everyone. I love how she will just come up to me at random and throw her arms around my neck, lay her head on my shoulder, and cuddle in close. It's the best feeling in the world.
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Friday, 27 February 2015

Linky Lovin' Friday {27th February 2015} | Reading

Another hectic week has gone and I am looking forward to the weekend. No alarms to set, nowhere to be. Just hanging with my girls while Dave works, playing, cleaning, just being. I've made a vow that there will be no TV this weekend. Well, not for the girls anyway. Our usual night time viewing of the Night Garden will remain, but as for any other time? Nada.

With the influx of Tafe work that needs to be done at home, I've definitely been guilty of using the TV as a babysitter this week. It's allowed me to get things done, but at the same time I can see the detrimental effect it has on Punky's beahviour by the end of the day. Even if it's just a bit in the morning and the middle of the day while Zee is sleeping, it's definitely causing some issues and I'm making a vow to change things.

I myself have been loving MKR this week. Colin! I just love his judging style. It's honest, tough, but fair, and I love it. I've really enjoyed watching him doing this round of instant restaurants and to be honest, you wouldn't see me crying if they gave ol' Pete the flick and gave Colin the regualr gig of judging the instant restaurant rounds. Even Dave, who isn't a massive fan of MKR, but watches it because I do, has said how much better he thinks Colin is in judging and giving feedback.

But enough about MKR and on to the links. I've had to recruit a little help scouting this weeks links as I've not gotten around the world wide web as much as I usually like. So I've shared my three fave posts for the week, as well as included 3 links from the fabulous Rebecca who blogs at Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting and History of Parenting (if you haven't checked out either of Rebecca's blogs before you totally should, History of Parenting especially has some really fascinating stuff!)

My fave three links for the week that was...

The (ahem) magic of parenting by Talking Frankly
I know I have been guilty of sometimes glossing over the realities of having children when talking to soon-to-be-parents. And I've also been guilty of perhaps underselling the sometimes harsher relaities of life with tiny humans underfoot. I loved this post by Alison at Talking Frankly because I think she has summed up the 'magic' of parenting in only a way Alison could. So worth a read.

Screen Freedom | Why go screen free? by Maxabella Loves
I think the second paragraph of this post sums up why I liked this post from Maxabella pretty well and it needs no further introduction.

100 Photographers to watch in 2015 via Clickin' Moms
So many amazing photographers, so much inspiration. If you love looking at beautiful, heartfelt or inspiring photography then you'll definitely want to get lost in this list of fabulous photographers.

And my Linky Lover, Rebecca's picks for the week are as follows...

Six Stupid Myths about Mummy Bloggers: BUSTED! by Hugzilla Blog
Hugzilla totally nails this and smacks down six of the most common myths of the Mummy Blogger.

You know you are middle aged when... by Mumabulous
Another blogger who nailed it this week, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to relate to at least one or two of these, even if you don't consider yourself middle aged yet!

Medieval Surfboards by My OBT
The designs on these surfboards are so beautiful. I had no idea that surfboard art could be so cool.

So there you have it, mine and Rebecca's top picks for the week.

If you'd like to be a Linky Lover for a week and contribute your own three 'pick of the links' one week, let me know in the comments. I'll let you know at the start of the week that you're going to be my Linky Lover and then message you via FB on the Thursday arvo/evening to grab your links from you.

Have you read anything cool lately? Hit me up with your links in the comments.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Balance {Or lack thereof} | Life

Balance. It's a tricky thing to find sometimes.

Right now, as I type this, my house is a mess. Again. I feel like I spend 3 quarters of my life cleaning up other people's messes. No sooner have I picked up all the toys and vacuumed all the crumbs then I find myself starting the job all over again.

Kids. Why do they have to be so messy?!

There's also the fact that I feel like I haven't had nearly enough time to spend with them just playing and hanging out. I'm always cleaning or sitting at the computer reading photography articles and editing photos. And when I do spend time with them I seem to always be sticking a camera in their face! They are my only real models though, and it's so much fun to try out new techniques that I've learnt on them. I'm pretty sure they are either going to turn out to be photographers themselves or be ridiculously camera shy!

My Tafe work has kicked up another gear this week, and I am quietly freaking out about getting my assessments done in time. We need to create 4 images for one assignment alone, and while it's not a hard assignment, what is hard is getting the time to do it. The images have to be created during class. In theory, there should be plenty of time to do this. The thing is, our instructor really likes to talk.

The talking is awesome. He has such a great way of explaining complex things that make them seem understandable and doable. But it does eat in to our practical time. I've been trying to do some extra reading this week so that when it comes time to start shooting I'm not having to think too hard about the technical side of what I'm doing and be able to smash out my images.

Friends. I miss my friends.

It feels like an age ago that I got to hang out with them, when in reality it was less than a month ago. Still, in a perfect world I'd get to catch up with them every couple of weeks rather than once a month or less. Time spent with friends is time spent relaxing. No matter what we are doing. When I spend time with my friends I feel refreshed, I feel more able to cope with the demands of the house and the girls after a little time-out for adult conversation.

Family. Without family I have nothing.

I'm so lucky to have a family that I'm close to. Both my side and Dave's side. I couldn't live without them. We have weekly dinners at Mum's, and almost weekly dinners with Dave's family (it's a little harder to get us all together with half of the family doing shift work). There are so many things I want to do with them. They are my first port of call in any and all storms.

I've got a million ideas rushing through my brain for my sister's upcoming baby shower. Oh, did I forget to mention I'm going to be an Aunty? Yeah, I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNTY!!!!! Can you tell I'm more than a little excited about that! My first turn as an Aunty. And as such, all I want to do is compile page after page of information for my sister to read, and spend hours upon hours on Pinterest researching ideas for baby showers. I've had to give myself a serious talking to so as not to go completely off the deep end and overwhelm my sister & brother-in-law with too much information, and dedicate time to doing Tafe work rather than baby shower work.

Money. I still haven't found that damn Money Tree!

We live on a fairly strict budget around these parts now that we are on one wage. It means that certain sacrifices have to be made. Sacrifices that I don't mind making, but it makes it so hard when there are things that I really wanna do. Like go to Problogger conference in August. I missed out last year, and the year before I made the choice to go to the Digital Parents conference instead. This year I would really, really love to finally get to Problogger, but when you put together the cost of the ticket and accommodation and other expenses it starts to add up. And unless I can find myself some paid blogging jobs between now and August, I would feel really bad re-jigging the budget to find the money for something that will only benefit me and not the entire family.

So many things, so many balls to juggle. There is a fine line between balancing it all and completely losing the plot. Some days it feels like I'm only just keeping my head above water. And I'm pretty sure that there are at least 5 more metaphors I could manage to mix in to this mess of words from my brain!

I can't even write straight at the moment!

Do you struggle to find balance?

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Monday, 23 February 2015

One Perfect Moment {Sleeping Beauty} | Life

One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth before bed. She'd woken up three times already. Once for a drink of water. Once to go to the toilet. A third time because she was scared of the moth and was sure it had bitten her finger.

We've had a bit of a plague of moths the last week or two. Every year there is an explosion of the furry caterpillar population, and this inevitably leads a few weeks later to an influx of moths, everywhere. This year hasn't been any worse than others, but there is one big difference.

Punky is aware of them. And afraid of them.

It doesn't matter that they are relatively small, mostly only active at night, and positively can't hurt her. She fears them.

After she woke the third time in tears, scared that a moth was trying to get her, I stood beside her bed, smoothing her hair and telling her that there were no moths in her room. I reassured her that they couldn't get her, they couldn't bite. That I would not let a single moth get near her.

But it wasn't enough.

As I finished brushing my teeth I heard her screaming for me, shouting that she was scared and calling out "Mummy!".

I rushed from the bathroom in to the mostly dark house. She wasn't in her bed. She was in the pitch dark lounge room, searching for me. The absolute terror in her voice made me heart thump. I grabbed her up and held her tightly. She was shaking.

I knew there was no way she would get back in to her own bed after this. I asked her if she wanted to sleep in my room with me. She nodded with tear-filled eyes.

I set her up on Dave's side of the bed (he was on night shift) and got her tucked in. I told her I had to go and close the door to the bathroom and that I would be right back. She looked so frightened and small laying there in my bed.

I quickly got rid of the couple of moths hanging out on the walls of the bathroom and then jumped in to bed with her. She had calmed down by this stage but she was still scared. She told me that the moth had bitten her finger and was trying to get her. I tried to explain that the moths were too little to bite her and they couldn't get her.  I promised her that I had gotten rid of them all. That I wouldn't let a single moth go anywhere near her.

When I turned off my bedside lamp she started panicking again because she couldn't see me. I told her I was there, rubbed her arm, and then got up and put on the hall light so she could see me lying beside her. I rubbed her back and tried to help her relax again.

She asked me if I could give her 'little tickles'. She loves it when I brush my fingers lightly up and down her arm. I lay beside her in the semi-dark, brushing my fingers on her baby-soft skin, listening to her breathing and fighting sleep. Every now and then she would open her eyes to make sure I was still there.

She's a restless sleeper at the best of times, and even in sleep she fidgets and tosses and turns. At around 5am I heard her roll off the bed (thank goodness I'd laid a bed of pillows beside the bed just in case) and she didn't even wake up. I got up and lifted her back in, tucked Blankey in beside her and crawled back over to my side.

I got about 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night. I've never been a big co-sleeper, even when the girls were little, but some nights, despite the tossing and turning, the little legs kicking and arms smacking me in the face, there's something comforting about it.

In the act of providing security for her, I find peace in myself.

The sleep deprivation is worth every second of it.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Eight {52 week project} | Photography

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky} We went to the Botanic Gardens yesterday to find the Disney Fairies. It was a bit of a bust. It rained the whole time and Punky was in a mood. Not at all in to it like I thought she would be. I suspect she was feeling a bit under the weather, which contributed to her bad mood. I think the highlight of the day for her was having lunch in the cafe, where she got to drink a chocolate milk and climb all over this lounge that had more pillows than she'd ever seen in one place! Lately, she hasn't let that Mermaid Barbie she's gripping out of her sight. She carries her around everywhere and even insists on taking her to bed!

{Zee} After our 'adventure' in the Botanic Gardens, during which Zee did her best to get completely covered in dirt, soaking wet and just generally tried to go everywhere but where she was supposed to, we went back to Mum's for a quiet afternoon. Her favourite thing to do at the moment is to stack and order things. She will spend ages with the plastic plates and bowls from Mum's cupboard, laying them all out on the floor, and then stacking them neatly together on the table, one by one. She's very pedantic about things being just right, and if she doesn't put something away exactly where it is meant to go, or she sees a drink bottle or container lying on it's side instead of upright, it's her mission to correct the problem. I have a feeling we might have a little perfectionist on our hands.

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Linky Lovin' Friday {20th February 2015} | Reading

Yesterday we had a lazy day. We stayed in our PJs for most of it, ate toast, watched TV, played the devices and had pancakes for dinner. It was really lovely to spend the day doing nothing and just hanging out. Not having to be anywhere, do anything.  I think the girls enjoyed the unlimited freedom to just be, to watch TV, to play in Punky's room. I think we need to do it more often!

On Saturday my sister and I are taking the girls to search for fairies at the Botanic Gardens. Punky is super excited and has been asking me "Is is Saturday today?" all week. I'm excited to have my sister along for the ride so I'll have a chance to take some pictures with the big camera, seeing as we'll be using my iPhone to track those fairies down.

Everyone I know who's taken their kids has had a great time so I think it will be good. I'm going to make some more pancakes tonight to take for snacks and after we've found all the fairies we're planning on having a nice lunch somewhere. Dave is on night shift so I'm sure he'll be happy to have us out of the house so he can sleep in peace!

Once again I haven't had a huge amount of time for leisure reading, but I think I have to get used to that. Tafe has really ramped up this week, we've got the details of our first proper assignment and we really jumped in to the technical side of studio lighting and ratios. I've been thinking a lot about my 5 year plan that we have to present at the end of the course and I've got a few big ideas brewing. One of them, if I find the guts to actually apply and be accepted will see me even more busy with photography work and I'm super excited. I just have to find the nerve to actually hit send ont he application!
Working in the studio at Tafe on Wednesday

I know that's really cryptic, but I will definitely share more about it later once I figure out the logistics and if it will actually work! But for now, I'll leave you with my favourite links of the week...

Google Boss warns of 'forgotten century' with email and photos at risk via The Guardian
This was a really interesting read and something I'm going to keep in mind moving forward.

I photographed my children at all the wrong times via Scary Mommy
I can totally relate to this, and it's why I tend to take a lot of photos of the girls around the house, just doing everyday things. I don't share a lot of those on the blog, but I'm thinking I really need to do a bit of a photographic Day in the Life style project that I can have printed in to a little book for each girl.

The Secret Diary of an Australian Threenager by Toilets Aren't for Turtles (Mumma McD Blogs)
Sometimes you read something and it's like the person writing it has crawled in to your brain and pulled the words straight from it. Either that or Mumma McD is actually the weirdo I was pretty sure was living in our roof and stealing our teaspoons back in 2012. Either way, she absolutely nails this post, and it made me feel so much better reading it. Maybe I'm not just a shit parent and it's actually just 3 year olds in general!

10 photography "mistakes" I made when just starting out by Lacey Meyers
Another photography related post, I know I have made every "mistake" on this list and then some!

Dear ABC by Essentially Jess
Loved this post from Jess on Tuesday. And I totally agree, bloody Norman would totally be in juvie by now if he was a real child!

So that's my reading list for the week. Make sure you take notes because I'll be asking questions about them next week. Haha, only kidding.

Or maybe I'm not?!

Have you read anything awesome this week? Hit me up with your pick of the links in the comments and anything else awesome that you've seen around the web this week.
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cooking... Easy Strawberry Muffins // Food

We are big fans of strawberries in this house. The girls would eat them by the truck-load if I let them. mad for them they are. Which is why, whenever I make them, these Strawberry Muffins go down an absolute treat.

The girls love them because they are so damn tasty and full of delicious strawberry goodness. I love them because they are easy to make and a lovely little treat when we are out and about or heading down to the river for a few hours to cool off.

I adapted this recipe from one I found in Emily Dupuche's fabulous book, Food Babies Love. I won a copy a few years ago thanks to a giveaway that Yvette from Little Bento World was running and it has come in such handy. It's got some really great recipes and ideas for not just babies food, but food that both kids and adults alike will love.

I reduced the quantity of sugar to start with, as I found these babies were sweet enough without it, and I experimented with substituting vegetable oil for butter. I also use plain old full cream milk as it's a bit of a waste buying a carton of buttermilk when I only need 3 quarters of a cup. I also use wholewheat flour and raw sugar, and I haven't noticed any graininess from the sugar either.

Easy Strawberry Muffins


  • 220g of plain wholemeal flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 100g of raw sugar
  • 3/4 cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 200g butter, melted
  • 3/4 cup of strawberries, chopped in to small pieces

  1. Preheat over to 180 degrees
  2. Grease and dust 24 mini muffin hole trays (ie. 2 x 12 hole or 1 x 24)
  3. Sift together flour and baking powder
  4. Add sugar and combine
  5. Whisk together milk, butter and egg and add to dry mixture with strawberries
  6. Combine all ingredients carefully and avoid overworking the mixture or your muffins will be a bit tough
  7. Spoon in to tins and cook for 15 mins
  8. Allow to cool for 5 minutes before turning out on to the cooling rack

These little treats are so yummy and I am so glad I discovered them. My one tip is to make sure you grease your tins really well as the natural sugar that is released from the strawberries while cooking can make them a little sticky. You can also substitute fresh strawberries for frozen [edited to add: I would maybe hold off on the frozen berries right now with the Hep A issues!], and blueberries or any other type of berries you like.

So there you have it, my super easy, scrumptious strawberry muffin recipe.

Do you have strawberry fans in your house? What's your favourite way to use strawberries in cooking? Hit me up with your strawberry recipes in the comments so I can road test them in the Lazy Girl kitchen.

Click for more Lazy Girl recipes...

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hawaiian Sunset | Photography

In June 2010 Dave and I spent 6 glorious days in Hawaii. To say the sunsets were breathtaking would be an absolute understatement. Here's just a few of the over 200 shots I took of Hawaiian sunsets. I can't wait to go back there one day!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Photography Basics {How does a camera work} | Photography

In case you'd been living under a rock lately, I'm currently at Tafe studying Skillset for Professional Photo Imaging. This course is a pathway to studying for my Diploma of Professional Photo Imaging next year. To say I've been loving the course would be an absolute understatement. It's been amazing to sit in a room full of people who are all passionate about photography, and to learn from two really inspiring teachers.

Today I'd like to share a little of what I've learned through Tafe and my own research. I want to teach you the basics of photography, and how to get the idea of your image out of your head and through the lens. To do this, we need to start at the very beginning. We need to know

How does a camera work?

At it's core, photography is all about light. You need to make sure your camera is capturing the light just right so that your photos aren't underexposed (too dark) or overexposed (too light). There are 3 elements that work together to make sure you have just the right amount of light in your photograph: Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.

When you adjust one setting you also need to adjust the other settings to make sure that the right amount of light hits your camera's sensor to produce a properly exposed photo.

Before you start learning about the whys of these settings though, you first need to understand how a camera works. Having an understanding of how a camera works will go a long way towards helping you understand why changing one setting affects the other settings and how your picture turns out.

What is ISO?

In old-school film cameras, an image is created by exposing a piece of film to light. In digital cameras the film is replaced by a sensor. The sensitivity of your sensor can be adjusted by changing the ISO setting on your digital camera. In old school terms, different films had different sensitivities, or ISO ratings. If you used a film that was more sensitive to light, then you could take pictures in low-light situations that still turned out well.

This picture was taken in a restaurant with very low-light so I boosted the ISO on my camera to try and compensate.
In an ideal situation I would have had my tripod to allow for a slower shutter speed
and lower ISO to be used, as the high ISO has introduced noise to the image.
Do you remember the Kodak ads for camera film on the TV? Or the numbers that were on the boxes of film you bought, usually 100, 400 & 800? The ads boasted about how good 400 film was for taking pictures of your kids blowing out their birthday candles or playing sports. That 400 film had way more sensitivity to light than say the 100 film, so a picture of a kid blowing out candles on their cake would be much brighter with 400 film than with 100 film.

Back before I started learning about photography and had a dSLR camera I had a Point & Shoot film camera and I had no idea what those numbers on the film meant. I just always bought the bigger number because it was meant to 'perform' better.

Well, those numbers were an ISO rating and as I said above, they affected how sensitive the film was to light. In the same way, your camera's ISO setting determines how sensitive your camera's sensor is to light. So if you're taking photos in a low-light setting, you can increase the ISO so that your sensor becomes more sensitive and picks up more of the light.

But how does the light get in to your camera and reach the sensor in the first place?

The diagram below shows how light gets in to your camera and where the different bits and pieces are.

{Image credit}

As you can see in the above illustration, the first thing the light passes through is the lens, which is where the aperture lives.

What is Aperture?

The aperture looks like this...
{"Aperture diaframma" by CelinaTH - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.}

And works like this...

"Apertures" by Chinneeb - Self-made using Image:Aperures.jpg. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

As you can see in these pictures, the aperture can open up wide to allow a large amount of light to get through to the sensor, or it can close down small to let less light through to the sensor. Depending on how open or closed your aperture is you can control two things. The first thing the aperture controls is how much light gets through to the sensor. The second thing the aperture controls is your photo's depth of field, the area of your picture that is in sharp focus.

Once the light passes through the aperture it then has to pass through the shutter to reach the sensor. This is where shutter speed comes in.

What is Shutter Speed?

The shutter in your camera is a set of doors that open and close when you press the button to take a picture. Depending on how fast or slow you set your shutter speed, the sensor is exposed to the light for a shorter or longer time.

A fast shutter speed means that the doors of the shutter open and close very quickly, which means that the sensor is exposed to the light for a shorter amount of time, resulting in darker photos. When the shutter speed is set slow, then the shutter doors stay open for a longer amount of time, allowing the sensor to be exposed to more light, and creating an image that's lighter.

Putting it all together

So by changing how open or closed our aperture is, and how fast or slow our shutter doors open and close, we can control how much light hits the sensor that creates the image. With these two elements working together, and by choosing how sensitive we want our sensor to be to that light (ISO), we can control the way our photo turns out, or are exposed.

Once you understand how these three elements work together to create a picture, you can begin to experiment with changing these settings yourself. The easiest way to start is by setting your camera to either Aperture Priority mode (meaning you change the aperture setting and the camera automatically chooses the shutter speed and ISO for you) or Shutter Priority mode (where you choose the shutter speed and the camera automatically chooses your aperture & ISO for you).

Once you start experimenting in this way you'll quickly start to see how different settings affect the exposure of your photos. You'll also start to notice three other things that are affected by Aperture (depth of field), Shutter Speed (movement) and ISO (grain/noise).

Considering how long this post is already though, I will save the more detailed explanations of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO for my next post. In the meantime, have a play around with this awesome camera simulator I've embedded at the end of this post (if it works! If it doesn't you can find it here - ).
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Anyway, I hope this info has been useful in helping you understand your camera a little better. I find it really hard to explain this stuff and have massive respect for the photography teachers out there who are able to break it down so well without confusing people. I hope I haven't confused anyone! I truly believe that if you understand HOW your camera works you will then have a much better understanding of why different things happen when you start to experiment with manually changing your settings.

Cameras are amazing things, and don't get me wrong, you can take great photos in Auto mode. But cameras are essentially a 'dumb' device, they don't have a brain and they can't read your thoughts. If you want to have more control in creating the image you've imagined in your head, then you need to learn how to control your cameras settings manually, and it really is easier than you think!

So tell me, have I confused the heck out of you? Are you keen to learn more about Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO? Is there anything you'd like to know about how your camera works or photography in general? Let me know in the comments.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

One Perfect Moment {Making Friends} | Life

One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

One of the things I was nervous about when it came to starting Tafe was making friends. Anyone that has meant me probably wonders why on earth this is something I would worry about. I'm a natural born talker. I can talk to anything with ears (including corn) and it's been said that I could probably even talk while buried under wet cement.

But there's a big difference between being able to talk the leg off a table and making actual friends. I'm an outgoing person, however I find it really daunting approaching people and striking up a conversation with them. It's why I suck at networking things, because I'm always waiting for someone to come up and start talking to me, rather than the other way around.

So when it came to Tafe I was really nervous. I knew once I actually got started talking to someone it would be fine. It was just the getting started part I was worried about.Thankfully I needent have worried. Everyone in my class is super nice, and it helps that we all have a shared love of photography to connect us.

There have been a couple of people in particular that I have clicked with, and it's been really nice to have people to sit and chat with on breaks and while we eat our lunch. We've shared about our lives, how it is we came to be at Tafe, why it is that we love photography and want to pursue it.

There are some really lovely outdoor spaces at Tafe to sit and eat and relax. I've spent the last 4 Tafe days getting to know people that I probably would never have met had it not been for this course. Like the 19 year old Early Childhood Teacher who, after working every day since she left school and who wants to learnt to take better photos that she can give to the parents of the children she works with.

I'm loving everything I'm learning at Tafe and I'm so grateful that I've met people that I've connected with and enjoy chatting to. It's made Tafe just that little bit easier, and I'm so excited to step-up and do the Diploma next year. Hopefully some of the people I've met this year will be there to continue the journey with me next year.

And if not? I'm sure I'll make new friends, and cherish the process all over again.

Do you find it easy make friends? Do you struggle when it comes to meeting new people and having to introduce yourself?

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