Capturing Life in 2018 {November & December} | 52 week project

It's New Year's Eve, so what better way to end the year than sharing my final images for the 2018 52 week project I've been creating. I'm really looking forward to getting these in to a photobook tomorrow and seeing them in print. And I think these images from November & December are some of my favourites of the year...

~ SISTERS ~ WEEKS 45-52 ~
Week 45 - A rare, sweet sister moment

Week 46 - Skate Park Babes

Week 47 - Feeding the ducks at Pughs Lagoon

Week 48 - Had to get a shot of the girls with all of their baby teeth intact, those smiles are going to be changing soon enough!

Week 49 - Playing the evening away down at Austinmer Beach

Week 50 - Fun on the trampoline with Daddy

Week 51 - Maximum excitement for their My Little Pony playhouse Christmas present

Week 52 - The only way to cool off on a 40 degree day!

~ PUNKY ~ WEEKS 45-52 ~
Week 45 - Having a swim at our favourite place, Yarramundi

Week 46 - Trampoline hair

Week 47 - The only thing she wanted to do on her 7th birthday was go to the skate park. So we did.

Week 48 - The most beautiful eyes. Ever.

Week 49 - With her shadow & best friend/cousin, T-Bear on Austinmer Beach

Week 50 - Showing how much air she can get

Week 51 - Anticipating the hatching of the Hatchimal on Christmas morning

Week 52 - Summer days in peasant dresses, under the sprinkler

~ ZEE ~ WEEKS 45-52 ~
Week 45 - Having a fish with Daddy at Yarramundi

Week 46 - Working the camera

Week 47 - Making a wish

Week 48 - I will never get sick of watching her expressive face

Week 49 - The disappointment when the seagulls wouldn't eat a chip from her hand at Austinmer Beach

Week 50 - Having fun with the fake snow ("It's just foam, Mummy!") at The Grounds of Alexandria

Week 51 - Not sure what's going on with her Hatchimal on Christmas morning

Week 52 - Appreciating the cool spray on a hot summer's day

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