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I've been blogging for almost 10 years now and in that time I've seen a LOT of bloggers come and go. A LOT! Which is sad, because I've always enjoyed reading the blogs of Aussie writers & parents but I totally understand why so many have decided to leave the space. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of great Aussie bloggers out there to find & read, and with their blogs come great Instagram accounts as well.

Today I want to share 10 of my fave Instagram accounts of Aussie bloggers. This is in no way an extensive list, there are so many more that I love & follow but for the purposes of not making this a ridiculously long blog list, I'm just going to share a couple of handfuls today. So, in no particular order...

Angie is an award-winning blogger with staying power. She's been blogging for a long time and with good reason... she's a BLOODY GOOD writer. Seriously, everything she writes is pure gold, whether it's funny or heart-warming or brutally honest about the realities of life as a mother & dealing with issues of anxiety & mental health, you should definitely be following her.

Lauren is a mother & teacher from South Australia and she always has such great ideas for entertaining the kids that are both fun & educational. She shares her great ideas & finds with her followers, and if you're looking for educational inspiration her Instagram feed is the place to go.

Lauren, Mum of Thud & Pop is, quite frankly, fucking hilarious! She writes candidly & openly and everything she pens has me in stitches. If you don't mind a little salty language and fantastic IG stories, Lauren's your gal!

Leah and her family love to travel and try new things, and they share their experiences via Instagram and their blog. Right now they're travelling around Japan and it's all kinds of fun! If you're looking for travel inspiration or kid-friendly outings this is the place to find them.

(Disclaimer: I write for Ellaslist every now & then) If you have kids & you live in Sydney then you need to be following Ellaslist for all of the very latest happenings and kid-friendly experiences. From shows to parks to holidays to where to eat with kids, Ellaslist has all the latest info.

Babs is another long-time blogger who I've had a girl crush on for a long time. I love her blog, I love her Instagram, I love her gorgeous kids, I love all the cool craft & decorating ideas she comes up with, I just love her. Follow her, now!

Claire wins Instagram for having the most adorable twin girls, ever! She also has three gorgeous little men, and as well as sharing her daily adventures she also shares the cool little activities she does with her kids, and she has some great educational play ideas that work across multiple ages.

If one of your favourite things to do is eat amazing food, either while travelling or when you're at home, then this is the account for you! Aleney & her son are the ultimate foodie duo and I basically have a bucket list of travel destinations based solely on food thanks to their efforts. Her images from their travels are also amazing so you get tummy candy AND eye-candy!

Kylie is the QUEEN of kids & family food. If you've ever looked in your cupboard and wondered just what the hell you were going to feed the kids for dinner or send in their lunchboxes then you NEED to be following Kylie. I know from personal experience (both using her recipes and consuming the food she herself has cooked for me!) that her food is kid-friendly and tasty as all get out!

Suzy is passionate about living a healthy, balanced life. I love her mix of motivation and daily life and I really want to move in with her on her property. If you need a daily dose of conscious living & inspiration, Suzy's IG feed is the place to find it.

Who are you favourite Aussie Bloggers to follow on Instagram?

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