Capturing Life in 2018 {September} | 52 week project

And with this post, I'm all caught up with sharing my 52 week project photos.

At the end of every year I have all of the images printed in to a photo book and I now have those photos books sitting on a shelf in my office, right next to where I work. I love looking through them and seeing not only how the girls have grown, but how my skill as a photographer has grown too. It's a wonderful way to record those things, and I'm really looking forward to creating the photobook for 2018, I honestly think it's going to be my most favourite one yet...

~  S I S T E R S   ~   W E E K S   3 6 - 3 9  ~
Week 36 - I was working at the computer when I looked over one Saturday morning and saw this taking place, the girls sitting on top of the clothes in a couple of washing baskets, Zee "reading" a story Punky had written, to Punky. It was beyond cute and I had to capture it.

Week 37 - In order to create an office for myself we had to move the girls into the larger bedroom. This was their first night in there, and they had a lot of fun when they realised they could create cool shadows from the light of the lamp I put in there.

Week 38 - Spending the afternoon outside on the trampoline, they devised a new game, one of them would run around the trampoline while the other sat in the middle and attempted to hit them with a ball!

Week 39 - We headed down to Albury for the long weekend (after a quick detour to Canberra and Questacon) and on the way down we stopped in Gundagai for some food and to stratch our legs. The girls were well & truly happy to be out of the car & running around for a bit, and there was a little hill in front of the servo that they had fun playing on. What you can't see, thanks to my clever positioning, is that behind that dirt hill is the Hume Highway and a massive petrol station with a line of cars!

~  P U N K Y   ~   W E E K S   3 6 - 3 9  ~
Week 36 - Sometimes she obliges me by standing still for a photo.

Week 37 - Making bridges between their new beds

Week 38 - Clapping away the chalk dust on her hands, we were both struck by how it seemed to glow in the setting sun's light

Week 39 - In Jindera at my cousin's 40th birthday party, Punky couldn't resist a little twilight trampolining

~  Z E E   ~   W E E K S   3 6 - 3 9  ~
Week 36 - I love watching her play & explore, she always gets so absorbed in what she's seeing that the rest of the world disappears around her

Week 37 - Standing on her new bed, making shadow puppets with her lovey, Flat Frog

Week 38 - One of the perks of having a photographer Mum, getting to go on reccies and play at the beach

Week 39 - Enjoying a strawberry milkshake at Questacon in Canberra


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