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I'm shooting a wedding this Saturday and in preparation, I decided to head over yesterday to check out where it's going to be and get a bit of an idea on what kind of light I'll have to work with on Saturday.

The wedding is being held at Eloura Beach at Cronulla and it's a beautiful spot. After the lovely weather of last week it was a bit of a shock to get there and find out how cold it was, but of course, that didn't stop the kids from wanting to get wet!

I told the girls before we left that we weren't going to be staying long and they could play on the sand but not the water. Well, that lasted all of about 12 seconds, and by the time I met up with my sister and the kids on the beach, they were well on their way to needing a change of clothes!

Thankfully my sister was much more prepared than I, and so after we'd finished jumping the waves we got the kids washed off and my girls installed into their cousin T's spare clothes. T is three, but he's a big 3, and so while the pants may have been a little short, they were dry, and that's all that matters.

Keep your eye on social media next week because you know I'm gonna be sharing my favourite images from Saturday as soon as I can. I'm also about to hit publish over on my business blog with images from my last couple of sessions, one of which has the cutest, cheekiest little boys.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from our location scouting trip yesterday...

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