The Making of a Fairy Garden | Life

One of the gifts Zee got her for her 5th birthday, was the supplies to make a fairy garden from my Dad. There was enough for both girls to be able to create their own little space in the garden, and it was perfect timing because we have been thinking about doing something with the old herb garden bed and this was the perfect solution!

It's not quite finished yet, and we still have some clay fairy houses and other ornaments to decorate and then put in the garden, as well as some new flowers in bright colours that we want to add in too.

It was an interesting exercise, watching how the girls approached the task. Punky was true to form and wanted to plan everything out carefully and meticulously (and then tell Zee how she should do it too!). She went through the box of supplies to see what was in there, and then sat down with a piece of paper and drew a detailed plan of where everything should go and the order in which we should do everything.

Zee was much more haphazard and free-spirited in her fairy garden making ideas, and was just happy to throw things in with abandon. She listened to what Punky told her and then either went with that or made her own decision. For Zee it was much more about just having some fun and playing with the little fairies and toadstools, for Punky it was a serious construction project.

Despite their difference in approach, they both created beautiful gardens and enjoyed the process entirely. I think their garden is so cute, and we're all looking forward to putting the finishing touches in over the next couple of weeks...

She's ready for her album cover now!


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