Capturing Life in 2018 {June} | 52 week project

Seriously, how is it July already?! I feel like June just got away from me, with so much work in the studio and travel to and from said work. Not to mention then spending my at-home days doing more work! Hectic! It's not all bad though, because being July it's now Hawaii month!!! Dave and I will be jetting off in 18 days and I am so excited!

I finally booked our accommodation so now I'm not worried about having to sleep on the street, and if some of the invoices I'm waiting on finally get paid we might actually be able to enjoy some great meals in fabulous restaurants while we're there too!

With working such long hours on this shoot it's left me with little time for commenting on everyones posts each week. More often than not I've not been getting to commenting until almost a week later and for that I apologise. I totally underestimated how much of a hard slog all the travel would be and usually arrive home 14 hours after leaving the house totally exhausted and wanting to do nothing but sit on the lounge!

So I wanted to say how much I appreciate my fellow teamIBOTers for keeping the comment love going while I've been a bit slack, and to all of you for bearing with me!

And with that, it's time to share the June 52 week project portraits I've snapped of the girls. I've almost missed capturing these a couple of times thanks to trying to catch up with other things, and you'll notice that most of the photos were captured in the backyard because we've basically been spending our weekends locked up together at home because after so much driving during the week I've not really fancied getting in the car to go anywhere on the weekends!

~ SISTERS ~ WEEKS 22-26 ~
Week 22 - Back in the park again, looking for autumn leaves

Week 23 -  Checking out the mice & rabbits at Camlsley Hill City Farm

Week 24 - Sister hugs in the winter sunshine

Week 25 - First backyard fire & smores experience

Week 26 - Chasing each other on the trampoline

~ PUNKY ~ WEEKS 22-26 ~

Week 22 - Those gorgeous eyes!

Week 23 - Making friends with goats

Week 24 - Having a cartwheel lesson with Dad

Week 25 - Backyard Bubbles in the winter sunshine

Week 26 - Finally managed to capture a decent photo of Punky with her treasured lovey, Blankey Bear, her faithful companion since birth, the first thing she hugs in the morning, and the last one at night

~ZEE ~ WEEKS 22-26 ~
Week 22 - I could never get sick of this face

Week 23 - Trying to catch raindrops on her tongue when we were at Calmsley Hill

Week 24 - Zee with her treasured lovey, Flat Frog. He gives her courage and comfort in a way I can't

Week 25 - She could jump for days...

Week 26 - ... which is why a weekend wouldn't be complete without at least one trampoline session!

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