Capturing Life in 2018 {May} | 52 week project

I must apologise in advance and say now that the next few weeks of IBOT are going to be pretty light on the words. I have a lot of work coming up, and I'm not sure just how much time I'll have for writing, shooting & editing. Having said that, if you'd like to contribute a guest post for IBOT, for me to publish on a Tuesday I would be more than happy to host you here! Just shoot me an email to if you're interested!

And now to May's 52 week project photos...

~  S I S T E R S   ~   W E E K S   1 8 - 2 1  ~
Week 18 - Pretty self-explanatory this one!

Week 19 - While outside playing with the prism the girls were chasing the rainbow as I tilted the prism back & forth

Week 20 - Playing their latest crazy game on the trampoline, I honestly have no idea what they were doing!

Week 21 - Because even though they have a bedroom, a playroom and a whole lounge room to play in, for some reason, the kitchen is the place they choose to play!

~  P U N K Y   ~   W E E K S   1 8 - 2 1  ~
Week 18 - Getting up close with the ring-tail possum Owen

Week 19 - Using the prism to help me make some cool light flares

Week 20 - I told her to make it look like she was coming out of the hedge... this is what she did!

Week 21 - Taken on our afternoon walk to find crunchy leaves

~  Z E E   ~   W E E K S   1 8 - 2 1  ~
Week 18 - Zee loves all kinds of animals, and Merlin the Rock Wallaby was no exception!

Week 19 - She'll always be my cuddly kid

Week 20 - Looking for seed pods

Week 21 - I don't know why, but this rock needed very careful examination... I think there was a suspicion it might have held a fossil!

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