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Of all the photography groups I'm in on Facebook, there is one that reigns supreme. It's the Clickin' Moms Aus/NZ group. It's a small group of Aussie & Kiwi photographers who are members of the Clickin' Moms forum and also just a bunch of really great people.

For the purposes of not making this post too long, I've chosen 10 of my fellow CM ladies to introduce to you today, though I could definitely have done heaps, heaps more! These guys were just the first ladies who popped up on my feed as I was scrolling through IG this arvo, so here they are, in no particular order. You should totally go and follow them all...

Shelley @mycapturedlife_photoblog
I love the way Shelley incorporates colour & movement into her images. She inspires me to keep finding & trying new things & ways to photograph.

Clea @thehorriblehorrors
Clea has the most delightful sons, we're both pretty convinced that they are the boy versions of my girls! I love how Clea captures their everyday life together and I often feel I'm right there with them.

Andrea @popnbeau
Every image Andrea creates is beautiful. I love the soft colours of her images and the little glimpses into her life they provide.

Courtney @courtneyholmesfilmsandphotos
Courtney is my guru, and every image she creates tells an incredible story. I've spoken about her before, so if you're not already following her fix that right now!

Miriam @miriam.hancock
Miriam participates in the Colour Chase Challenge, and as such, her feed is so beautifully colour coordinated. And she makes amazing cakes to boot!

Claire @clairesearlephotography
Claire has a special way with light. She uses it so beautifully and manages to capture images so full of feeling!

Karen @capture_by_karen
Karen is another light master and she is also Mum to the cutest little cherubs on the planet. She captures the most amazing golden light and her images are filled with such beautiful connection.

Katie @_kzphotography_
Katie is one of those people who you just can't help but love. I met her back in May and hanging out with her is like being enveloped in a warm hug. Her images are thoughtful and beautiful, and always accompanied with the most lovely captions.

Catherine @everydaymamma
Catherine is a NZ photographer and I have absolutely loved following her photography journey over the last 18 months or so. She takes the most gorgeous self-portraits and is well on her way to becoming a low-light master. Her black & white images are amazing, too!

Katherine @katherinemillardphotography
You may recognise Katherine's work from when she took some photographs of the girls and I and my sister & nephew in May last year. I first fell in love with the beautiful cool colours of Katherine's work, and I'm always amazing by how she creates the most fabulous full-sun portraits.


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