Capturing Life in 2018 {July} | 52 week project

July was a good month. Despite having lots of work on we still managed to have lots of fun with the girls, and have a little 'parents only' Hawaiian holiday adventure (which also included some work, but honestly, I'm not even sure you can call it work when you're having fun doing something you love!).

So I've gotten a little behind in sharing July's 52 week portrait project images and I thought I would share them today. We are currently without internet which is super frustrating as my job depends on it, but hopefully the technician scheduled to arrive sometime today will be able to find the problem and get it sorted for us asap.

In more exciting news, tomorrow I'm doing some more car shopping with my Dad. Fingers crossed we'll be able to say goodbye to our crappy, barely works, 97' Camry, and hello to an almost brand new car that I won't have to say a prayer for everytime I hop in to drive it! It will be so nice to have a decent car again, one that isn't falling apart and won't cost us a fortune in repairs every few months!

Enough about that though, let's get to the photos...

~ SISTERS ~ WEEKS 27-31 ~
Week 27 - Twilight play on the trampoline

Week 28 - A glimpse into the future, perhaps?

Week 29 - Fun with puddles from the only day it rained in July

Week 30 - Shadow self-portraits

Week 31 - Waiting to blow out Zee's birthday candles

~ PUNKY ~ WEEKS 27-31 ~
Week 27 - Twilight jumping against a beautiful sunset sky

Week 28 - I imagine this is a sight I will see more and more frequently as she gets older

Week 29 - My beautiful, windswept muse

Week 30 - The blossoms are starting to come out and we're all loving it!

Week 31 - You can't tell from this image, but she was up a tree when it was taken!

~ ZEE ~ WEEKS 27-31 ~
Week 27 - The girls are currently obsessed with My Little Pony, so it was a good day when they were able to use their money to buy themselves a little toy one each

Week 28 - What month of portraits would be complete without at least one sulking photo of Zee?

Week 29 - She may still need to stand on a chair to reach the sink, but she's pretty proud of herself being able to refill her water bottle

Week 30 - She consented to pose for a portrait on our outing, a rare occurrence!

Week 31 - A freshly minted 5-year-old, waiting to blow out her candles


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