Take me to the river | Life

Yesterday we had the most glorious spring weather. It was just perfect! The last 3 weeks have been crazy, weather-wise. If it wasn't pouring with rain it was steamy and humid. Or there were crazy storms with everything... thunder, lightning, hail, you name it.

So when today decided to pull out an absolute cracker of a spring day, with the temperature just right, and the most divine, fresh breeze? Well, we couldn't waste that weather indoors! So we grabbed the girls (and I, of course, grabbed my camera!) and we headed down to the river for a spot of exploring.

The grass was absolutely crazy after all the rain and then finally some sunshine (much like our backyard to be honest!) so we couldn't go full bush like we did last time due to the chances of encountering snakes making the most of the sunshine too, but we had fun nonetheless...


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