Shooting through 2017 {November} | 52 week project

Today I'm over at Westmead Kids hospital filming for something a little special that is going on over there. I'm not sure if I can say much more than that at this stage but keep your eyes peeled on social media, coz you know I'll share the end result when it's ready.

We're at the pointy end of the year now and the weeks are just flying by. It's less than 3 weeks till Christmas now and I'm starting to feel the pressure of making sure I've got everything on my lists bought & prepared. This week I'll be finishing off the gifts for Punky's Kindy teacher and Zee's preschool teachers. If you have any suggestions for fabulous things that won't break the bank I am all ears!

Today I'm sharing the November 52 week project portraits. Only 4 more left for the year and then I'll be able to get them all organised and printed in to a photo book. I've really grown to love creating this record of the girls, they change so much throughout the year that it's really great to be able to look back over all of the images and remember the way they were and the things we've gotten up to.

~  S I S T E R S   ~   W E E K S   4 4 - 4 8  ~
WEEK 44: Impromtu art session with Daddy on a rainy Sunday afternoon

WEEK 45: Exploring the backyard and looking for bugs (I was inside getting my creep on, shooting this through the window with my lens poking through the blinds, hoping they didn't notice me!)

WEEK 46: Their favourite place... the trampoline (in-camera double exposure)

WEEK 47: We introduced the girls to totem tennis and so of course they spent Punky's birthday afternoon playing

WEEK 48: These girls do the funniest things sometimes. With no prompting from us, Zee climbed up on to this pillar at Mum's on the weekend (we were there for the annual tree decorating) and sat there wih her legs crossed and her hands together like she was praying, and the most serious look on her face. It was hilarious and she knew it. So of course Punky then had to get in on the act too! Hams!

~  P U N K Y   ~   W E E K S   4 4 - 4 8  ~
WEEK 44: Punky decided that she was going to paint her toy duck. She didn't do a bad job either.

WEEK 45: I adore this weird face she pulls at me sometimes. I don't know why she does it but it always makes me laugh

WEEK 46: I know I'm biased, but she's just so heart-breakingly beautiful! (in-camera double exposure)

WEEK 47: I got new glasses a couple of day before Punky's birthday. When I went to pick them up she came with me and I asked the lady to take the lenses out of my old ones so that Punky could have them. She was so happy. She had an eye test earlier in the year and was really disappointed to not need glasses (she actually cried!) so she was pretty happy when she got these to wear. She looks so bloody cute in them! The face paint was from the Year 6 Fun Day at school, where the Year Six kids put on stalls & fun activities to raise money for their farewell. Punky said it was the best day ever!

WEEK 48: My sister was getting Punky to pose so she could take photos of her to have on her phone, so of course I had to get in on it and take a couple of shots myself. She's a natural!

~  Z E E   ~   W E E K S   4 4 - 4 8  ~
WEEK 44: Checking out Daddy's painting and trying to copy

WEEK 45: My Mum has painted a chalk board on the back wall under the verandah and the kids think it's ace (the adults don't mind it either!). Zee was concentrating so hard on her drawing, and I really wanted to snap a picture of how she was holding the chalk. She's been told she has to start learning to hold her pencil (she grips it the same way she's gripping the chalk above) properly because she won't be able to hold her pencil like that when she starts big school in a year and she is resisting it big time!

WEEK 46: Butter wouldn't melt! (in-camera double exposure)

WEEK 47: Lying amongst the Jacaranda blossoms in the backyard on Punky's birthday

WEEK 48: Seriously, this kid is like a living doll!!!

Are you all organised for Christmas? Do you still need to get Christmas presents or are you all done?


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