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My Dearest Punky,

Last Thursday you turned six! SIX!!! I swear, some days it feels like you were only born yesterday. Yet there you are, seeming to morph into a young lady before my very eyes.

This last year has been an interesting one. You started big school, and to say I'm so proud of you and the way you've handled such a big transition would be an understatement. My heart just about bursts with pride when I see how far you've come.

It was a rocky start, understandably you struggled with the goodbyes each morning, you're a sensitive soul. I struggled with those goodbyes too, because I wasn't just saying goodbye to you for the day, but in a way, I was saying goodbye to the tiny baby who had relied on me and depended on me for the last 5 years.

It's funny how much I looked forward to the day when you would gain a little more independence from me, and yet when that day came I wasn't really prepared for it, and I didn't want to let you go. But let you go I did, and you've gone out into the world and positively thrived!

When I pick you up at the end of each school day you emerge from your classroom with the biggest grin on your face and it makes me so happy to see it. You love everything about school, your friends, your teacher, and especially learning so many amazing things. To think that you could only read a few basic words when you started in January and now you're reading chapter books by yourself? It blows my mind and is a testament to your love of learning and your persistence and perseverance.

I hope you never lose that thirst for knowledge.

When you're at home you both drive me up the wall and make me laugh so hard, often at the same time. The conversations we have are equal parts fascinating and hilarious, and you ask really insightful, interesting questions.

You're obsessed with all things sparkly, glittery, unicorny & princessy and your passion for drawing goes on unabated. You've gotten really good at free-hand drawing pictures & characters that you like, and you're very patient when Zee asks you to teach her how to draw something (most of the time!).

For the most part, you're a fabulous big sister to Zee and I know she looks up to you and always tries to make you laugh (there is, of course, the daily fights over who gets to wear which sparkly skirt but fights with siblings are the price you pay for a lifelong best-friend). One of my favourite things to do is sit & listen to the conversations you girls have lying in bed at night after the lights go out. Sometimes I really wish I could set up a recorder to capture it all but I think that would be a little creepy!

You're funny, kind, intelligent, perceptive, shy around kids you don't know, sensitive, nostalgic and sometimes anxious. You're a thinker like me, and I know once Zee is asleep, if you're not close to sleep yourself you'll sometimes start to think and worry about things.

When this happens you'll often get upset and when I come to see what's wrong and lie down with you, you confess your fears and worries. I hope you know that no matter the fear or the worry, no matter your age, you can always tell me what's in your heart.

I am so lucky to call you my daughter and I love you more than life itself. And this life would certainly not be as bright or as beautiful without you in.

Happy Birthday Bubba-loo, I love you!

Love Mum xx


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