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I had grand plans to write a post about something important & amazing, and then I found my old laptop. The one I play Sims 3 on. Cue the weekend being taken up by animated people who don't speak english and need a lot of looking after. It was like having babies again!

As a consequence, all ideas for blogging have promptly fled my head as I dream about setting up sequences of activities and google how to reset my sim when their legs have mysteriously fallen through the grass and can't move. And did I mention Woohoo-ing? Well there was woohoo-ing too.

If the previous paragraph makes no sense to you then you've probably had a way more productive 72 hours than I have!

To compensate for my descent in to Sim madness I thought I might dust off the old Taking Stock list from Pip at Meet me at Mike's and take the easy way out of my lack of post inspiration. So here goes...

Making: Last week I made a little video of our time on Mare while we were away cruising. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (no? you should!) then you might have heard the story about the treasure Zee's preschool teacher gave me for the girls to find while we were away. I made this video for the girls to take to school and preschool to show everyone and it was a lot of fun. Here it is if you missed it...

Cooking: Not much to be honest, only basic stuff. I've really struggled to get back in to the swing of things since we got back from holidays and while I've never been a keen cook at the best of times, trying to get back in to "proper" cooking has been hard after having all of our meals provided for us daily!

Reading: While I was away I read The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright. It was an interesting book, and weirdly I'm not quite sure if I liked it or not. It was well written and the story sucked me in, but my issue is that I didn't really like any of the characters. Still, it was an easy read, good for a holiday!

Wanting: A mirrorless camera. I had a little play with a friends Fuji x-t2 and it was lots of fun. I liked that I could still have total control over the image-making process with less than half the weight of my usual dSLR kit. Definitely something to think about!

Deciding: On my goals for my business next year. I have so many thoughts & plans swirling through my head and I really need to get them down on paper so I can sort them out properly.

Wishing: There was more time until Christmas! I am so not ready!

Hoping: That our jacaranda trees bloom this year. They don't bloom every year but when they do it's just so beautiful!

Enjoying: Daylight saving. But not the warmer weather. I wish we could have daylight saving in winter!
Our Jacaranda trees last year

Loving: That my girls are a little older now. If I'm totally honest, there isn't much I miss about the baby days!

Listening: To Double J via I Heart Radio. I don't have a digital radio so it's nice to be able to listen via my computer while I'm working.

Buying: Christmas presents. We sorted out our Kris Kringle people at family dinner the other week and it's good to be able to start planning out the presents and develop a plan of attack. I hate shopping at the best of times, so knowing well in advance who I need to buy for is good! Online shopping for the win!

Watching: We've been re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning. It's funny all of the things you miss the first time around, and how differently you watch it now that you know what's going to happen! Also, the newest season of Outlander, oh my word it is so good! I've been re-reading Voyageur too (the book this season is based on) and it's so good to see how they've adapted it and see so many great lines from the book incorporated word-for-word in to the show.

Marvelling: At Spheros (seriously, they're so fun!). They had Star Wars versions at ComiCon and it turns out that Punky's school has them also. I'm thinking of getting one for her birthday, looks like a present we could all enjoy and that will grow with her.

Needing: More sleep. Too many late-night Sim sessions in a row!

Smelling: The smells of spring. It's wonderful!

Admiring: People who work hard for what they want!

Opening: My 2016 photobook. I finally got around to designing and ordering it and it's beautiful! I went with a lay-flat version this year and I love it! Now I only want lay-flat photobooks!

Feeling: A little bit lost with all of this business planning.

Dreaming: Of winning lotto (it would probably help if I actually bought a lotto ticket though!)

Celebrating: We've got a few birthdays coming up (Punky & Dave included) so I'm planning what we are going to do to celebrate (I'm thinking a nice afternoon tea in the backyard!)

Pretending: I know what I'm doing when it comes to running a business. Talk about faking it till I make it!

Embracing: The journey and just enjoying life as it is at the moment. There are unknowns, but half the fun is figuring stuff out and putting plans in to action. Despite the lost-feeling sometimes it's a great learning experience.

What have you been up to lately? Have you been watching Outlander?


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