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I'm hoping that I'll get a chance at some stage to upload some photos from our cruise so far, but just in case I don't I thought it best to at least make sure I got the linky up for you guys.

So if you're reading this and not seeing any pictures, it's because I've not been able to get near the internet on the cruise ship. So link up, mingle and get your comment on, and I'll be back with lots of holiday photos next week!

Quick edit to add... I actually managed to upload a picture! Let's just say the internet on a cruise ship leaves a lot to be desired (it's also expensive as hell, and so my Mum has kindly allowed me to use her internet package to post this, thanks Mum!).

The cruise has been amazing so far (even with a perforated eardrum. Yeah, that could only happen to me!) and we have certainly gotten our money's worth when it comes to the food. Oh man, the food is amazing, and I think will deserve a post all it's own!

The image above was one I took on my iPhone when we visited Mystery Island on Sunday. Oh my, was it a stunning place! I know my photos won't do it any kind of justice!

But for now I'm not going to push my luck trying to add any more to this post and I'm going to pray that is publishes at the time it's supposed to so you can all add your links. If it doesn't I apologise profusely!

See you next week with some more words and pictures from our cruise!



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