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Christmas traditions. I'm pretty sure every family has at least one tradition that they carry on with, year in, year out at this time of year. Whether it be decorating the Christmas tree, reading a particular book on Christmas eve, leaving out food for Santa's reindeer or baking up a storm in the kitchen, one of the things I love about this time of year is all of the traditions we've developed as a family.

One of the traditions that my Mum's side of the family has is getting together on Christmas Eve for lunch. Christmas Day & Boxing Day are always so jam packed that it's really nice to come together and just relax for the afternoon, before the craziness of Christmas Day (and all of the last minute preparations of Christmas Eve night) take hold.

My sister and her best friend get together every year and make all manner of yummy treats, like gingerbread biscuits and customised rocky road. When I was a kid it was tradition to read The Night Before Christmas before we all got in to bed and pretended(!) to sleep.

As a keen photographer, it's always been either my Mum or I behind the camera during these traditions, documenting them so that we might look back and see how things have changed over the years. Photos of my family are my number one most prized possesion, and images of these traditions are some of the most treasured.

So of course now that I'm a working photographer, it's even more important for me to document these traditions in the best way I know how, so I can practice what I preach when I tell other families how important having those beautiful, unposed family photos are.

This year, after doing the Filming Life workshop, I'm really excited to incorporate video in to this documentation of our family traditions. And what better way to start than with the family tradition that kicks off the season for us, Advent Lunch.

Every year on the first Sunday in Advent we all head to Mum's house to have lunch and decorate her tree. It's always so much fun, especially now that the girls and my nephew can get in on the action. The tree comes out, the decorations are dusted off, and Mum oversees the proceedings, setting out the decorations that we're to use this year.

Mum is a Christmas tragic and she has more Christmas decor than you could poke a stick at. The kids were most excited by her new addition this year, the Christmas Cave. Yep, she converted the entryway at the front door (which is never used, everyone comes in downstairs these days) in to a magical Christmas wonderland, filled with all sorts of glittering delights. The kids were absolutely mesmerised by it (and so were most of the adults if I'm completely honest!).

As part of my final assignment for my Filming Life course I decided that I was going to create a video celebrating and documenting our traditional Advent Lunch. I've called it the Crazy Cut, as this is the short, fun version that I've made, with music that hopefully helps to convey the sense of crazy hecticness that is Advent Lunch...

Next week will be the last week of IBOT for 2016. We have some rather big news to share concerning IBOT going forward into 2017, so make sure you come back next week to hear all about it. 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What are your favourites? Do you take the time to document them in some way for generations to come?

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