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Well, it's certainly been an interesting week, hasn't it?! I don't know about you, but I for one am simply exhausted by the turmoil in the States over the election result and what this means for the future of not just the American people, but the rest of us as well. To be honest I've found myself avoiding social media quite a bit because it's all just so crazy and vitriolic.

So today I wanted to change the tone and share a few things that I'm currently grateful for. You might remember that I used to do a weekly post on a Monday called One Perfect Moment, where I would share one thing from the previous week that I was grateful for. It fell by the wayside during last year when things got crazy busy with tafe and final assessments and I never really picked it up again.

As 2016 has worn on I've found msyelf bogged down and full of negativity. I've focused so much on the things that I wasn't happy about and forgot about all the things and people that I'm truly grateful for. So starting this week I want to get back in the practice of weekly gratitude posts, and take some time to remember the good things I have in my life. I don't know what form this will take, whether it be a weekly post, or something I just write in my diary, but I think it's important to take that time and be grateful for things, big or small.

So this week, I'm thankful for a few things...

Home Sweet Home

I'm grateful for the beautiful family I have, both mine and Dave's. We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by so much love and support and I wouldn't know what I would do without them. From the advice of my Mum, to the support of Debbie with minding the girls so that I can work, I'm so thankful to have them in my life.

The title image at the beginning of this post was taken last Thursday at our weekly family dinner at Mum's house. I shared it on Facebook and Instagram for the Photo a Day prompt 'Home Sweet Home'. It doesn't matter that I haven't lived there for over 12 years, this house will always be my home sweet home.
Helping Great Grandma blow out the candles on her 91st birthday cake

Toilet training the reluctant child

I'm grateful for pull-ups. You know, those nappies that you can pull on and off your kids like a pair of undies? I'm thankful for those. We decided it was time to start attempt number 3 at toilet training Zee and after 3 days things weren't going so well. My carpets, flooring and even the lounge took a beating and everyone was stressed, especially Zee. I avoided pull-ups with Punky because I didn't want to confuse the issues of undies and nappies and undermine the toilet training process, but it seems that pull-ups have done the opposite for Zee.

I was worried that things were starting to get a little traumatic for her, so on Saturday I decided it was time to take the pressure off by switching from undies to pull-ups. It's proven to be exactly what we needed. After a couple of days of wearing them and short & sweet sits on the toilet, we've now gone a whole day with all number ones successfully taking place on the toilet and dry pull-ups. Toilet training second time around is a totally different kettle of fish to with Punky, and I shouldn't have been surprised. They've been so different in all other ways that I should have known that toilet training would be no different.

By taking the pressure and the worry of accidents away, Zee has relaxed so much more, and a little privacy to do her business on her own terms has resulted in some success. The big test will be when she goes to daycare today, and the lack of privacy in the daycare facilities, but the staff there are good and I know they will do their best to encourage her. Fingers crossed we can be nappy-free by Christmas. What a present that would be!

Filming Life & mentoring

Anyone that stopped by to link up last week would have seen that I've been doing a workshop called Filming Life with Courntey Holmes Films & Photos. Courtney has taught me so much about using my camera to create beautiful family films and I'm excited to keep learning and practising.

I'm also really excited to be doing a mentorship with Courtney next year and getting her help with setting some goals for my business and photography. Courtney has such a kind and encouraging soul, and I know with her help I'll be well on my way to becoming the photographer and business owner I want to be.

So that's what I'm thankful for this week. Do you try to take some time each to think about what you're thankful for? How do you go about doing that? Do you find it makes a difference to your positivity and headspace?

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