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It's just a really quick post from me today. I worked all day yesterday, seriously I left the house at 5:30am and didn't get home till 8:30pm and I am exhausted. All the energy I have left is going to wards not screaming in agony every time I have to get on my feet. Let's just say being an assistant photographer at a proper commercial studio shoot is NOT the ideal time to wear a pair of shoes you've only ever worn twice. I totally underestimated just how many steps I would be doing (10, 000 by 9:30am, well over 20, 000 for the day!). So I'm just going to catch up on a week of my project 52 photos. Feel free to just scroll on by and link up, I know how half-assed this post is!

{Sisters (Above)} - They have all these exercise machines along the bike path and the girls insist on stopping and having a go on every single one. Even the ones they can't do, which results in crying and heartache. Why, girls, why?!

{Punky} Loving all the reptiles at Featherdale Wildlife Park when we went to visit back in July for Zee's 3rd birthday.

{Zee} Butter would not melt!

{Me} Week 31's theme for my Clickin Moms 52 week project was Negative Space to Isolate your subject. Pretty sure I nailed it! Lol!

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