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Hello and welcome to another week of IBOT! This week I have a special guest post for you by the lovely Janet from Middle Aged Mama. The girls and I are currently in Canberra with my Mum & sisters for a little family holiday (well, 'a quarter of the family' holiday!) so be prepared for an overload of photos next week from Floriade to Henty Field Day and everything in between!

In the meantime, here's Janet...

Now that was a babymaker!

I’ve wanted to write this post for soooooo long, but was reluctant to put it on my own blog because my kids would actually read it – how embarrassment!

So when the lovely Kylie asked for a guest post for IBOT this week while she’s on a well-deserved holiday, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Most of us have no idea of the day, let alone the moment, that our children were conceived. Usually, the first we know about it is when we start kneeling at the porcelain throne each morning, go off one of our favourite foods (no more coffee!), or our boobs suddenly swell up like melons.

However, call it women’s intuition, gut instinct, ESP or whatever, but I am pretty sure I do indeed *know* the exact day – if not moment – Mr 22 was conceived.

It happened during our second month of “trying”. I’ll spare you any embarrassing details, except to say this:

Later that day, the hubster and I were sitting at the table eating dinner, when all of a sudden a feeling came over me and I just *knew* I’d fallen pregnant. (I like to think that it was the magic moment when sperm met egg, and a brand new life was created!)

Of course, it probably helps that at the time we had a boarder staying with us, so opportunities for babymaking were very limited!

When my pregnancy was confirmed only a couple of weeks later, I worked out that my hunch was actually pretty much spot on.

It must have been just a fluke, as when it came to the conception of our daughter Miss 19, I had absolutely no idea.

 In hindsight, I suspect she was conceived on a weekend getaway to Twin Waters resort on the Sunshine Coast but don’t really know for sure. I’d been hoping to fall pregnant for a few months by that stage and if I hadn’t conceived when I did, I was threatening to go back to using birth control so I wouldn’t have a Christmas baby (my own birthday is in early January, which I hate)!

How about you – did you ever have any inkling that you had conceived?

Janet aka the Middle Aged Mama is a crazy cat lady & op shopper extraordinaire. She might be a middle aged woman, but that doesn't mean she's lost all interest in looking stylish! Her loves include chocolate, chick lit, cruising holidays and the hubster - and not necessarily in that order wink. She's learning how to fashion a new life now that her kids (Mr 22 and Miss 19) are grown - did somebody say "travel"?!

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