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Some of you may know that I've been working on some personal 52 week projects in 2016. The basic idea is that you take a photo a week. You can have a theme for the year, a theme for each week, or a subject that you photograph weekly for a year.

Last year I completed two 52 week projects, one for each of the girls. This year I decided to up my game a bit, and not only do a 52 week project for each of the girls, but to also do a Sisters 52 week project, as well as one that was just for me. I'm a member of a really great photography forum, Clickin' Moms, and this year I'm playing along with their guided 52 week project. Basically what that means, is that our leader, the wonderful Sue Bahen gives us a different brief to shoot each week.

Following along with the Clickin Moms 52 week project has been lots of fun, and really inspiring, being able to see how others interpret the week's brief. It's been a really good way to help me shoot with intention and practice different skills.

I'm a bit behind in sharing my 52 week project images, so I thought I'd do a little catch-up this week, and share with you the images I've captured for weeks 26 to 30. So here goes...

Sisters 52 week project...
WEEK 26 - We went to visit one of our favourite places, Yarramundi and it was freezing!
WEEK 27 - Three little monkeys, jumping on the bed (when they had been told not to!)
WEEK 28 - The best way to get them to smile at their Aunty's wedding
WEEK 29 - Who doesn't love playing with sparklers?
WEEK 30 - Zee finally got a turn of the butterfly net but there were no butterflies in sight, so...

Punky 52 week project...
WEEK 26 - Exploring Yarramundi
WEEK 27 - Jumping on her best friend's bed
WEEK 28 - Showing off her fancy flower girl dress and hair
WEEK 29 - Funny faces #likeaboss
WEEK 30 - Caught in the butterfly net by her sister

Zee 52 week project...
WEEK 26 - All rugged up, exploring Yarramundi
WEEK 27 - Playing in our friend's backyard
WEEK 28 - Mucking around during family photos at her Aunty's wedding
WEEK 29 - She's always grass or something stuck in her hair
WEEK 30 - At home amongst the dandelions on an unseasonably warm winter's day.

Clickin Moms 52 week project...
WEEK 26 - WATER - This image was taken as part of a maternity session I shot for my brother-in-law's sister. Talk about a stunning couple! They made it so easy to photograph them, and that baby bump? It's now a 4 week old gorgeous girl!

WEEK 27 - COLLECTIONS - Zee is a big fan of dandelions, and it's always a race between her and Punky as to who can collect the most. This is Zee, enjoying the feeling of having more than her sister for a change.

WEEK 28 - REFLECTION - The girls love to play in the mirror, so this was a no-brainer. I didn't even have to ask them to pose. I walked past on the way to the bathroom and saw them pulling faces, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping (this is the reason why I always keep my camera in a central part of the house, ready to go at a moment's notice).

WEEK 29 - TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN - I took this image at a place called Scheyville National Park. It's where my sister-in-law got married in July, and we were returning the keys to the rangers. It's so close to our house, and yet we've never explored it, so on this day we made a point of going for a walk and a little exploration (and some Pokemon Go too!).

WEEK 30 - DEPTH OF FIELD TO ISOLATE YOUR SUBJECT - In week 30 we were asked to play around with out depth of field (which is controlled by the camera's aperture. You can learn more about the aperture and it's role in depth of field here). For this image, I used a very wide aperture, f/1.6 to blur out everything but the focus of my image, the dandelion.

Apologies for the quality of the images in the collages, it was a choice between having 4 smaller images and losing image quality, or a super-slow loading blog post with 20 good quality images! Most of these have been posted on my Instagram account so you can check them out over there too.

Have you ever undertaken a daily, weekly or monthly photography project? It's a great way to document your kids and see how they change over a year.

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