Twenty-Two & Twenty-Three {2016 52 week project} | Photography

Sisters hugging outside
{Twenty-Three - Sisters} It's not all fighting and dobbing, and when I see them playing together and getting along it makes my heart sing!

Vivid Sydney festival at Taronga Zoo
 {Twenty-Two - Sisters} The girls just loved our trip to Taronga Zoo to see the Vivid Festival light installations. They couldn't get the grins off their faces most of the time!
 {Twenty-Two - Punky} Mesmerised by the lights at the ticket entrance to the Zoo.
A child drawing
 {Twenty-Three - Punky} I love watching her draw. Her concentration and attention to detail is just amazing to see in a four-year-old.
Child looking at fairy lights at Taronga Zoo Sydney
 {Twenty-Two - Zee} Another happy kid at Taronga Zoo for Vivid.
Two sisters playing outside
 {Twenty-Three - Zee} Hands down, Zee is most definitely the cheekiest troublemaker out of my two girls. She is forever trying to make us laugh, and she knows exactly how to press Punky's buttons.
Moody black and white image of child playing
 {Twenty-Two - Me} Week 22's theme for the Clickin' Moms 52 week project was Revisited. We were asked to revisit one of the previous week's theme and to either re-edit or re-shoot for it. I chose to revisit week two's theme, Intention. When I shot in week two my idea for intention was to shoot with a specific intent in mind. For this image (and a bunch of others I shared over on my Instagram) I wanted to create images uses a tiny sliver of Autumn light that hits the backroom wall at about 3pm and only lasts for about 15 minutes. It was all about playing with the light and shadows and trying to produce images that made you look twice to see all of the elements within the frame.
sandstone building facade at Taronga Zoo in Sydney
{Twenty-Three - Me} For week 23 the theme was Architecture, and so this was really a no-brainer for me. What better architecture photo could I take than the light projections on the beautiful sandstone facade of Taronga Zoo.

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