Nineteen, Twenty & Twenty-One {2016 52 week project} | Photography

{Sisters - Nineteen} Spending Mother's Day at my Mum's, trying desperately to get a nice photo of the girls with their Grandma. This was the most successful!

{Sisters - Twenty} Funny faces are their favourite thing at the moment and they crack each other up.

{Sisters - Twenty-One} We went to the lagoon this afternoon and the light was pretty shit house. Until Mother Nature decided to reward our effort with a spectacular sunset. The girls know my love for a pretty pink sky, and always point it out to me when they see it. 

{Punky - Nineteen} Showing her excitement for Grandma's Mother's Day presents

{Punky - Twenty} Who can resist snapping a photo of the inevitable park life static hair

{Punky - Twenty-One} She's always been an athletic kid, and she loves it when Dave teaches her new things. Today it was all about learning to kick the footy. Next time we might wear shoes that are a little more appropriate for the job!

{Zee - Nineteen} She's been a bit slow off the mark when it comes to developing a love of reading, unlike her sister who could sit and be read to for hours! She can still only sit still long enough to be read one story, but then she is more than happy to thumb through the pages of our books for ages by herself, making up the story as she examines the pictures.

{Zee - Twenty} I always know when she says "Look at me, Mummy!" that she's going to be doing something to make me laugh. She's a born comedian with an expressive face and I hope she never loses her sense of humour.

{Zee - Twenty-One} She's just reached the age where she insists on putting her shoes on by herself. She doesn't always get the right shoe on the right foot however, and it's often ages later that I realise she's got her shoes on the wrong feet. It's so cute that sometimes I just can't bring myself to correct her.

{Me - Nineteen} Week nineteen's theme was Motherhood and I just couldn't go past this photo of my sister, nephew and Punky. The look on my sister's face just sums up her journey of motherhood so far. She is besotted with Bear, and it's been a real privilege to watch her grow and blossom in to an amazing mother. She puts me to shame with how well she has made the transition to motherhood.

{Me - Twenty} Photowalk was our week twenty theme, and we were encouraged to go out with the sole intention of taking photos. We headed to the lagoon a few days before the wedding I was shooting, so I could get a bit more practice with my two-camera set-up and harness. The light wasn't very good for taking photos, but I loved the contrast between my three loves and this beautiful big tree as they stood under it together.

{Me - Twenty-One} For week twenty-one we were asked to submit images that fit the theme of Friendship. I had to use this photo from the wedding I shot. This is the bride with her sister, telling her off for getting teary. These girls have been through so much together and they are more than sisters, they are best friends. It's a beautiful relationship and I was so honoured to be able to document the Bride's big day and her relationships with the people she loves most.

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