Sixteen, Seventeen & Eighteen {2016 52 week project} | Photography

{Sisters - Sixteen} Always giggling and laughing, my two peas in a pod

{Sisters - Seventeen} They love to pick dandelions, and if there aren't many in the yard it's always a fight over who gets it first. Punky has mastered the art of blowing on dandelions, Zee is still trying to figure it out.

{Sisters - Eighteen} These girls love their cousin Bear so damn much! And the admiration is mutual. When the girls are in the room he can't take his eyes off them. Pretty sure aside from his Mum and Dad, Punky and Zee are his favourite people!

{Punky - Sixteen} I love the wild abandon kids play with. They give everything to whatever they're doing, whether it's drawing or jumping off rocks. Two things Punky loves with equal fierceness!

{Punky - Seventeen} We planted some herbs in pots a few weeks back and Punky absolutely loved helping Dave. She was so attentive, listening to everything Dave told her and being the perfect little planting assistant. Since then, she's been very good at remembering to water the plants, and it's been very exciting watching the flowers she planted all by herself start growing.

{Punky - Eighteen} - This week saw my Tafe exhibition Opening Night and the girls weren't so much interested in looking at the images as they were with running and sliding on the shiny gallery floor!

{Zee - Sixteen} She's been a bit of a TV addict since she was tiny, probably owing to the fact that I was so exhausted most of the time from looking after her baby needs and also looking after her sister's needs that some afternoons it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. Play School and Peppa Pig were my refuge and chance to sit quietly on the lounge for 40 minutes. 

{Zee - Seventeen} While the gardening and planting was going on Zee was happy to be involved in the messy, dirty parts. But as soon as the chance to get her hands dirty was over, she wasn't so much a fan of the herb garden!

{Zee - Eighteen} Not to be outdone by her big sister, Zee made the most of the shiny floors and sliding potential of the Tafe Gallery!

{Me - Sixteen} Photographer's Choice was the theme for week sixteen, and I just couldn't go past this shot of Punky. We were on our afternoon walk, and she was striding ahead, impatient to find the large drifts of crunchy leaves the trees had been shedding. She kept looking over her shoulder, giving me this "Don't come any closer look" and I swear, it was like looking in to our future, when she's a tween/teenager and walking with Mum is no longer cool.

{Me - Seventeen} For week seventeen our theme was green, so of course planting a herb garden provided me with plenty of opportunities for green themed images. I particularly loved this one, and the look of concentration and attention on Punky's face as Dave taught her the basic points of gardening and showed her the little seeds of the flowers she picked out herself for the garden.

{Me - Eighteen} The Four Season, Part 2 was week eighteen's theme, and it coincided with the Mother's Day breakfast I attended at The Grounds of Alexandria. Renowned food blogger and photographer What Katie Ate gave us a little masterclass in food photography and this was my photo of her food styling. The whole morning just screamed 'autumn' to me, so I knew I had to use this photo as my submission for week 18.

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