Fourteen and Fifteen {2016 52 week project} | Photography

{Sisters - Week 14} - Despite the arguments, hitting and hair-pulling, these girls really do love each other and know exactly how to make the other one laugh.

{Punky - Week 14} - I still marvel at how lucky I was to produce such a stunning creature. She's a photographer's dream, but more than that, she's a beautiful soul, with big things in store for her.

{Zee - Week 14} - I could hear them laughing and giggling. Punky counting to 10 and shouting "Ready or not, here I come!", followed by the banging of the pantry door. When it was Zee's turn to hide again I followed her and found her ingenious hiding place. She was pretty proud of herself!

{Me - Week 14} - The week 14 prompt for the Clickin' Moms 52 week project I'm participating in had a theme of April Fool's - Make em' Laugh and this was my contribution. We have this little net that Dave and the girls sometimes use to try and catch butterflies in the backyard (quite unsuccessfully I might add!). On this day, Dave turned the net on the girls and they had a lot of fun chasing each other around, trying to catch the elusive Zee Butterfly.

{Sisters - Week 15} - With all this mild autumn weather we've been having I've been taking the girls to the park and on lots of walks. Not only does it give me a chance to keep practicing my photography, but it gives the girls much needed fresh air and a chance to run and scream as much as they like.

{Punky - Week 15} - We've hit that time of year when the all of the leaves are starting to fall, and the girls love nothing more than to roll around in the piles of dry, crunchy leaves. Punky in particular takes great joy in throwing handfuls of them in the air and at anyone who happens to be standing close-by.

{Zee - Week 15} - Zee is going through this stage right now that no matter where we are, or how many things I'm holding in my hands (like, say, 10 new pots, two garden ornaments and a packet of seeds at Bunnings) she absolutely MUST hold my hand. Most of the time I really don't mind, but sometimes, oh my goodness, I just want to be able to walk without having a small human pulling me along and getting annoyed at me every time I stop. I just have to keep reminding myself that very soon she won't want to hold my hand at all, and so I took this photo on one of our walks so that I can remember this stage once it's gone for good.

{Me - Week 15} - Macro/Close-up was the theme for Week 15 and so I whipped out the little macro lens I have for my old iPhone 5s and headed to the backyard to see what interesting things I could find. For $15 bucks this little lens is pretty amazing, and allows me to get closer to flowers and dandelions than ever before. It just goes to show that you don't have to have the latest, fanciest and most expensive camera gear to capture pretty photos.

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