Twelve & Thirteen {2016 52 week project} | Photography

{Sisters - Week 12} - On Good Friday Dave had to work so it was just me and the girls having a quiet one at home. In the afternoon I decided we could all do with getting out of the house for a bit, so we headed to our favourite park to waste the last hour before Daddy got home playing, climbing and sliding.

{Punky - Week 12} - Punky has gotten so good at anything physical. She runs like a pro and is slowly, slowly gaining confidence in climbing higher and higher. 

{Zee - Week 12} - What can I say about Miss Zee. This kid has the personality of a whirlwind and the stubbornness to match. I told the girls that we weren't going to go on the swings until just before we left (because otherwise they get on the minute we arrive and then refuse to do anything else the rest of the time and I hate pushing them on the swing, it's so boring!). And Zee accepted that rule. Of course she didn't think the same rule applied to the see-saw so she and I spent most of our time here!

{Me - Week 12} The theme for week 12 in the Clickin Moms 52 week project was Comfort. I chose to photograph the girls comfort toys because they are the best definition of the word I can think of. Both girls have had their toys since birth, and let me just say that Blankey Bear and Flat Frog are worth their weight in gold. They aren't simply just toys the girls sleep with, but they have gotten them through their first days at daycare, sleepovers away from Mummy & Daddy, and are just generally the first thing they turn to for comfort after Dave and I. Both girls love to stroke their soft fur as they fall asleep and I know these are two toys that once they grow out of them I will be putting away in their glory boxes for when they are bigger. I know they will get the same sense of comfort and nostalgia from seeing these treasured toys when they are older that I get when I look at my old teddy.

{Sisters - Week 13} - Week 13 saw us celebrating Easter, and we spent Easter Sunday at Mum's having lunch and dinner with the family. The girls were absolutely spoiled by the Easter Bunny (read: Grandma!) and came home with more chocolate than they could eat. The single minded determination that both girls attacked their large eggs with was amazing to see. Those eggs disappeared in about 2 minutes flat!

{Punky - Week 13} - What to start with first... the bird's eggs, or the lollies, or perhaps the hot dogs? (Hot dogs which are actually cabanossi, but it was too cute to correct her!).

{Zee - Week 13} - The kid loves to make a mess, but the second the fun is done she must have her hands wiped. If I take a fraction too long getting a wipe it is meltdown city!

{Me - Week 13} - Week 13's theme was Anonymous Portrait. I hadn't planned on making it a self-portrait, but when I found myself with a child clinging to my legs while I was holding the camera it just seemed like it was meant to be. This image kinda sums up what parenting small children is like, soft around the edges, blurry, and with children constantly underfoot, whichever way you turn!

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