Eleven {2016 52 week project} | Photography

{Sisters} They love dressing up and playing make believe games together. I woke up to the sound of them playing and they of course asked me to take pictures of them as "bewdiful pwincesses!"

{Punky} This kid has a thirst for learning that I really really hope continues on with her when she starts school next year. Whenever Dave is cooking she insists on sitting up at the bench to watch and help, and drags a chair over to the stove to see the magic happen. I love that Dave takes the time to talk to her about what he is doing and lets her help with whatever she can manage. I'm pretty sure at this stage she knows more herbs and spices that I do!

{Zee} These two photos were taken about 2 seconds apart and I merged them in to one. They really illustrate what life with a Terrible Two-year-old going on Threenager is like. One minute life is the best, and the next, it all comes crashing down in a shower of tears and a mass of flailing limbs. Life is hard when you're almost 3.

{Me} Week Eleven was all about colour. When Dave gives the girls their bath he often adds a drop or two of food colouring. I only found out last week that he got this from his Mum, who used to add some food colouring to their baths as a kid, as a way of inducing reluctant bathers to get in. I will admit that I changed the colour of the water slightly, so as not to look like they were playing in a bath of blood, thanks to the red food colouring!

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