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In case you missed last week's post, I am undertaking FOUR 52 week projects this year, the first project is a photo a week of the girls together, the second & third projects are a photo a week of each girl, and the final project is my own project that I am undertaking with the lovely ladies over at Clickin' Moms.

{Sisters} (above) - We are in the process of teaching Zee how to put her own shoes on. Punky had this mastered from a very young age, thanks to the fact that she is Little Miss Independent and always has to do everything for herself. It's a slow process, especially with their pink sandals, where errant toes end up poking out. So on this day, I asked Punky to help her little sister with her shoes while I finished getting myself ready. Punky was more than willing to help and there was only one two that needed Mummy's touch!

{Punky} - In addition to my four 52 week projects, I've also been trying to do a photo a day in January, and using the prompts from Fat Mum Slim and Clickin Moms' Glimpse list for inspiration. On this day the CM prompt was cozy. I asked Punky what she thought something cozy was and her instant response was "bed!". She was keen to help me create a cozy picture so we headed in to my bedroom where she got all cozy under the covers and we snapped a few photos.

{Zee} - On this particular day I'd had a shocking headache, and so I went to lie down for a bit before dinner.  Of course the girls don't really care if Mummy needs to lie quietly, they see me in bed, they be wanting to come jump on me and play. Zee has finally grown enough to be able to reach the light switches, and takes great pleasure in turning them on and off constantly, driving me batty. But I'll forgive her for doing it this one time, because it gave me the perfect photo opportunity!

{Me} - This weeks prompt for the Clickin Moms P52 was Intention. It could be a photo of your intentions for the year, or it could be a photo taken with a particular intent. I thought long and hard about this and then yesterday afternoon the answer presented itself to me in the shape of this gorgeous cloud. 

I've always loved the way, near sunset, you get clouds that are higher than others and manage to catch the last of the sunlight. It's especially beautiful when that cloud is surrounded by the remnants of storm clouds. I really wanted to capture that contrast between the darker clouds and the one brilliant white cloud catching the sun, and I think I managed it. I converted it to B&W to really try and play up the contrast between the two. With the weather continuing to be extremely hot with the chance of more thunderstorms over the next few days, I'm looking forward to trying to capture the cloud contrast even better.

Are you doing a 52 week project this year? Have you ever played along with any photo challenges?

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