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This year I've decided to take on 4 (yes FOUR!) 52 week projects. The first P52 is a photo every week of my cheeky girls together. The second and third projects will see me continue the P52 I undertook in 2015, of a photo a week of each of my girls separately. 

The fourth and final P52 is one I'll be tackling with a bunch of super talented photographers over at Clickin Moms. Every week a new theme is posted, and I'm going to use this P52 as inspiration for more creative images and getting outside of my comfort zone, which week one has certainly done!

Punky & Zee (above) | Week one's photo was taken on Monday, when both girls were actually keen to ham it up for my camera. It will be interesting to see how I go managing to capture the two of them in the same frame for another 51 photos, but we'll give it a red hot go. I might have to try and come up with some fun activities for them to do to distract them from the camera while I snap away. Hello pinterest!

Both girls are at the stage where they get the concept of copying someone on purpose, and they take it in turns to follow the other around, doing everything the other does. It makes for some pretty funny moments, and Zee in particular takes great joy in copying everything her sister does.

Punky | This girl is a natural born model, and when she is in the mood, a pleasure to photograph (actually she's always a pleasure to photograph if I'm honest!). It also helps they they each scored heaps of super cute dresses and other clothes for Christmas, so there is no end to the costume changes Punky performs each day!

Zee | On New Year's Day we headed to the Lagoon to feed the ducks and wander around the park. The weather was beautiful, and we spent quite a bit of time in the shade of the trees, exploring everything we could see. The girls had a lot of fun pulling berries off branches, finding cicada shells and chasing Daddy up said tree! Human pinata, indeed! You can see more photos from our visit to the Lagoon by visiting this post.

This image captures Zee watching intently while her Daddy selects the perfect branch full of berries for her to pull off. 

Me | The first prompt for my personal Clickin Moms P52 was to create a self-portrait. I don't mind being in front of the camera, but what I really hate is seeing myself in photos. I'm way too critical of myself, something I need to work on. So while I didn't mind coming up with ideas of how I wanted to shoot my self-portrait, I was not looking forward to seeing the results.

I've wanted to create a low-key self-portrait for a while, to make-up for the terrible ones I shot while shooting head shots for my Tafe class. I already knew how I was going to light it (holding a panel of the blinds on my bedroom window open), my only question was where to place my camera and how to pose. Before I'd even got the chance to consider these last two though, Miss Zee came running in to my room crying. Her big sister wouldn't let her play with her new coloured pens and it was the end of the world for this two-year-old. So I picked her up, and snapped off a couple of shots while holding her, thinking that I would have to can the self-portrait experiment and try another day. 

I was pleasantly surprised though to find this little gem hiding in the seven photos I did manage to take, and decided that this would be my submission for week one. It's not perfect, it's slightly blurred, but it's honest and real and depicts perfectly what life is like for me at the moment: struggling to find little moments for creative photography while raising two beautiful, spirited daughters. 

I'm going to try and include myself in other ways for this final P52 so there's a high possibility you'll actually start to see a few photos with me in them, as opposed to everyone else!

Are you undertaking any photography projects this year? Have you ever done a 52 week project? 

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