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It's another quick post from me today as I have been madly working away on my second assignment for a course I've been doing, Courtney Holmes' Filming Life. It's been so much fun, learning all about how to create beautiful films for my family and clients using my DSLR and Adobe Premiere Pro. It builds on some of the skills I learnt last year at Tafe and I have totally caught the filming bug. I'm not quite ready to give up the still photography just yet, but it's a nice skill to have and one that will improve my still photography skills as well.

So today it's all about catching up on sharing my 52 week project images, and this week I present to you weeks thirty-two to thirty-five. Enjoy!

Week 32 - title image - early morning iPad sessions, together.

Week 33 - Punky doing her own impression of the smiling runner, Usain Bolt, about 3 days before he did it!

Week 34 - Getting in the frame with my girls again.

Week 35 - No visit to the park is complete without a go on the swings. Much to mine and Dave's sheer delight *insert sarcasm font here*.

{Punky} Clockwise from top left - 
Week 32 - She's got the far-off stare nailed.

Week 33 - Again, this kid will either be an artist or a model. Maybe both.

Week 34 - Taking after her Mum, she's a total shutterbug.

Week 35 - At almost 5, it's all about creating and making her pictures recognisable, whether the medium is paint or pencil.

Week 32 - Top Left - She's always the first and the last at the snack table, no matter the occasion, and her cousin's 1st birthday party was no exception!

Week 33 - Top Right - I crown her Queen Sulks-a-lot.

Week 34 - Bottom Left - I'm so glad she finally grew in to those gorgeous big eyes.

Week 35 - Bottom Right - For Zee at 3, it's all about the sensory experience of painting and not so much about the creating. And also, these last few weeks she's gotten in to this strange habit ot wiping her fingers on her hair. Whether it's paint, vegemite, honey or anything at all, if it's on her fingers and she wants it off, she wipes it on her hair. I never thought I would actually want my child to wipe their fingers on their shirt like other children do!

{Me} Clickin' Moms 52 week project
Week 32 - Photographer's Choice - I chose this image of my brother and Punky playing at my nephew's birthday party because it symbolises a huge milestone for my brother. He's on the spectrum, and for the first 10 years or so of his life he barely touched anyone or let them touch him. It was only when my sister A and I moved out that he started giving us hugs when we would leave after a visit. And even then they were only brief. To see him wrestling with Punky, letting her jump all over him, it was a massive thing and shows just how far he has come in the last few years.

Week 33 - Lines - Parks are always a good place to find leading lines.

Week 34 - Juxtapotition - I struggled with this prompt, and then Queen Sulks-a-lot gave me the perfect juxtaposition, having a whinge while doing one of the things that brings her the greatest joy, going on the swing!

Week 35 - Repetition - Seriously, repetition is exactly what you wanna see on a dessert table at a party because you know you're gonna get a chance for seconds!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and linking up for IBOT. I'm sorry that I don't get a chance to pop around and read and comment on everyone's posts each week. It's always my goal but it never seems to happen, because life! But I get to as many as I can, like I know you all do too, and it's wonderful to see how supportive everyone is! So thank you, you all make Tuesday the best day of the week!

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