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This post written in collaboration with Nude Food Movers

October marks the 6th annual Nude Food Day event with Aussies from all around the country embracing the challenge and celebrating by packing a healthy rubbish free lunch, any day or every day in October. We've been a big fan of Nude Food Movers in this house for a while now, so it was with great excitement we opened up a big box of goodies to review!

The Nude Food message is 'Healthy Body + Healthy Planet', aiming to educate and encourage Aussies of all ages and stages to better their health, as well as the health of our planet. I know there are a lot of schools that embrace the rubbish free lunch ethos, and while Punky's preschool doesn't specifically advocate for rubbish free lunches, it's something that I've been embracing myself since the girls started going to preschools and daycares that require us to send food with them.

Last year when I was at Tafe the girls attended the daycare there and we provided them with their own home-packed lunch & snacks. It was then that I discovered the Nude Food Movers, and the Rubbish Free Lunch Box. The thing I loved about the lunch box was it's three separate compartments. There's one for fruit, cheese & crackers or other loose snacks, one compartment for a sandwich or roll, and a third compartment that fits two little leak-proof pots with lids, perfect for including yoghurt or other "wet" snacks.

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to pack everything in the one big container, rubbish free, the snaps that close each compartment are really easy to open and close. Even Zee, who wasn't quite two when she started using hers at daycare, was able to open it with ease.

While we were familiar with quite a few of the Nude Food Movers products before we were sent our goody box, there were a few things in there that were new to me. Our favourites by far are the Yoghurt Movers, which have a cool gel insert that you pop in the freezer at night, and then you add your yoghurt in the morning, to be kept cool all day. I can also see it coming in handy for chopped up fruit and other things that need to be kept cold as well.

As for me, my favourite was the glass drinking bottle. I have totally taken that as my own. I hate drinking out of plastic drink bottles, so having a glass bottle has been awesome. Yes, I know I could just drink out of a glass because I'm at home most of the time, but I don't like having glasses of water sitting on my desk where they can potentially be knocked over by small people. This solves the problem of drinking out of glass, but not having to worry about spills on my computer & hard drives.

As for the rest of the haul, we haven't tried the snack tubes yet, but Punky is super excited to use it next year when she starts big school. In fact she wants to take it all to big school with her, which begs the question of how much food she thinks she's actually going to need?!

All in all I would highly recommend any of the products in the Nude Food Movers range from Smash, especially if you're keen to embrace a rubbish free lunch for yourself or your kids.

Does your kids school have a nude food policy?

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Smash Nude Food Movers products to test out and review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions and comments are my own. We were already big fans of the Nude Food Movers products before we were sent them for review so you can rest assured, my opinion has not been bought!

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