Christmas Cards - Yay or Nay?

Click the gorgeous little Christmas Dog to go to a really cute video Christmas Card.

I've never been much for sending Christmas Cards. I kinda don't see the point in them. Most of the Christmas cards you get from people are from people that you hardly ever see, and sometimes hardly even remember!

Plus, you then have to find somewhere to put them. I usually put them around the entertainment unit, except they always end up blowing off and I spend a month constantly picking up the things. I need me some horizontal blinds I think!

I'd rather get my good friends something little to say Merry Christmas. And I really like eCards. They're cheap and environmentally friendly. I know not everyone likes them, and I totally get that enjoyment one gets get from writing and sending Christmas Cards. The writing was always my favourite part. I think that comes from my love of filling in forms (I'm weird I know!). Which I think comes from my love of handwriting, which I don't get to do a lot of these days with all the time I spend on the computer.

The main reason I've never been much for sending Christmas Cards is because I'm so lazy! I write them all out and then never get around to actually sending them. I have two years worth of written out Christmas Cards in my cupboards at home!

Do you do Christmas Cards? A Christmas letter? Where do you put all the Christmas Cards you get?

P.S. I found this really cool eCard shop called Charity ECards, a place where you can purchase eCards and 20% of the purchase price goes to your nominated Charity. What a cool idea! I am so gonna get a few of these to send to friends. Not only is it cheap and environmentally friendly, but it's for a good cause too!
(I am in no way affiliated with Charity ECards, just thought it was a cool idea.)


Amy said…
Noo! Cards are fantastic. I love the excitement of receiving something in the mail, knowing that someone loved and cared enough to write a card, seal it, walk all the way down to the post office, spend money on a stamp, and send it. In our high technology, high convenience society, it's a nice flash back to the 'old days'.

I have a peice of string that I hang over our living room window and then clip cards to that.
I must admit, there is nothing quite like getting an old-fashioned hand-addressed envelope in the mail. What I really miss is getting letters from my friends, like I used to when I was younger that they had put so much time and effort into, adding stockers and pictures, etc.

I think I'm gonna steal your string idea too!
Mia said…
I never send Christmas cards.

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