Capturing Life in 2018 {March 52WP} | Photography

March was a pretty good month, all things considered. There was a couple of weeks there that I felt in a bit of a rut creatively, but I sucked it up, whacked my creative lens on my camera, made a film and pushed myself through it. And things are going to continue getting busy as the year goes on.

At the beginning of May I'll be heading up to the Gold Coast for a photographer's retreat and I'll have a couple of days to shoot some families and/or couples. If you're on the GC and you're keen to have some photos done let me know, because I'd love to have a few shooting opportunities and am happy to do you a really good deal. I'll do you an even better deal if you're happy to let me share your photos on social media & my website!

Moving on, it's time to share the portraits I've captured throughout March for the girls 52 week project. This is probably my favourite photography project to work on, and I love spending time at the end of each month going through the images I've captured and remembering the moments & memories those images invoke...

~  S I S T E R S   -   W E E K S   1 0 - 1 3  ~
WEEK 10 - These three. They're always such hams!

WEEK 11 - There was a huge puddle in the car park of our local walking track, perfect for a bit of exploration (and of course some creative photography! In case you didn't notice, this image is actually upside-down!)

WEEK 12 - We spent this weekend at my sister's place so that I could mind my nephew while they went out. The girls loved getting to spend the entire weekend with T-Bear and have a "slumber party"

WEEK 13 - One day I'll get a shot where they are both smiling at the camera, lol!

~ P U N K Y   -   W E E K S   1 0 - 1 3  ~
WEEK 10 - I've said before and I'll say it again, the relationship between these two cousins is really something special

WEEK 11 - Her celebration move when she catches a Pokemon

WEEK 12 - Having a bit of fun with some more posed photos, Punky really wanted to show off her Red Riding Hood costume

WEEK 13 - This is a double exposure (two images merged in-camera) and I love that it shows two distinct sides of Punky, her fun-loving side and her more serious one

~ZEE - WEEKS 10-13 ~
WEEK 10 - Playing Go-Fish at Grandma's house and cheating to boot. She really is her mother's daughter!

WEEK 11 - Peek-a-boo with the first early autumn leaves

WEEK 12 - Pulling faces while decorating her hat for the Easter Parade

WEEK 13 - Looking for leaves and other interesting things to add to their "potion"


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