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So last week I had a little spray about the state of the world and the fact that it was making me sad and I wanted to stop the world and get off. Today I thought I would flip that around and share a few things I am loving right now because I always find that taking a moment to stop and think about the wonderful things that are happening around you can be a great way to counteract that dismay.

So here goes...

The rain

We finally got some rain this weekend! We haven't really had any proper rain around here since last year, maybe November? Our backyard was as dry as a creekbed during a drought, so many cracks, and our poor grass was just crumbling away.

On Sunday it absolutely poured all day, and while it did cramp my photography plans a little (I was shooting my high-school best-friend and her gorgeous girls) and made the drive to and from her house an interesting one, I can't be annoyed because we needed it so bad.

Hopefully now the kangaroos living down the road will have some more access to water with the wetland areas filling up again.

The end of summer

I know, I know, summer is great, but it's no secret I'm a winter lover. I will admit that we've actually had a pretty great summer this year, there have been hot days (and when I say hot I mean over 40 degrees, because I realised this year that anything under 40 I have stopped considering hot!) but not as many as last summer I don't think. We have really made the most of it by spending time at the river and in Mum's pool.

But if I'm being completely honest, I'm really looking forward to cooler days and gorgeous autumn sunshine. I'll miss daylight saving but hey, it will be back again before we know it! So here's to the end of summer drawing nigh and being able to pull out the cuddly jumpers again.


I always love reading, I'm never far from a book. I've read probably 15-20 books so far this year and they've all been good, I haven't had a bad one yet. I'm sure I'll read at least a few duds this year (it's inevitable) but I'm enjoying my good run of reading while it lasts!


Yeah, putting that down here is probably a bit of a cop out, because as you know, I'm always loving photography. The thing is, I feel like since the beginning of the year (and I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier post back in January) I've had a bit of a leap in terms of my skills, vision & confidence and it's been really fun and liberating. It's kinda like, you know how kids have Wonder Weeks and then they have a leap forward in their development? That's me right now. I've gone through my wonder week and now I have these newfound skills & confidence and I'm loving it!

My girls

Of course I always love my girls, that's a given, but I've been reminded again how much I am really loving this age & stage with them. They are just the most delightful little people (most of the time), and I love the fact that we can go and do things with a minimum of fuss and only one bag!

Zee in particular has developed the most amazing conversational skills, and has been keeping us all highly entertained with the things that have been popping out of her mouth. I am gonna miss her so much when she goes to school next year because she has really become my fun little buddy and I'm really enjoying the time we have together when Punky is at school.

What are you loving right now? Anything you're feeling particularly grateful for at the moment?


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