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Zee turned four on Sunday. FOUR! How did that happen. It feels like only yesterday I was cuddling her in the hospital, enjoying the feel of her warm little body snuggled in to mine, searching her face for similarities to her sister's, wondering what kind of person this new little human was going to be.

As it turns out, that new little human is one of the sweetest, funniest kids I've met. She lives to make us laugh, her giggle is infectious, she's an observer, a dreamer, an artist with a gentle soul.

It's bittersweet seeing her grow up. There's only a little bit of the chubby baby/toddler left, and the girl she is growing to be is really starting to shine through. She won't fit snug in my arms for much longer, she'll start to become all arms, legs & bones. The roundness of her face will start fade and before I know it she'll be off to school and out in to the big wide world.

We had two celebrations for her birthday, a family dinner on Thursday night with my family, and then a little party with Dave's family on Sunday afternoon. Zee was beyond delighted that she got "two birthdays", which basically means she got to blow out the candles twice and eat two cakes! Her favourite part about birthdays.

She's told me more than a few times that she's a big girl now. Being four means to her that she's no longer a baby but a little girl, capable of doing things by herself without any help from us. Or so she thinks!

We were blessed with some unseasonably warm weather to celebrate on Sunday. Seriously, it was 28 degrees! In the middle of winter! While the warmth was nice, it was a little too warm for my liking, is it not enough that we only get about 3 months of cool weather a year? Don't take my winter too, dammit!

Warm weather aside, Zee was thoroughly spoiled by her aunties & uncles and she loved her cake! I ran out of time to actually make her one myself, so a Coles mudcake came to the rescue, along with a couple of bags of Kit Kats and freckles. She loved it and that's all that matters to me!

Bottom left: Coming down from the sugar high!

A lot has happened in the 4 years since I first held her in my arms, and I feel so honoured that she chose to join our family. I can't wait to see what the next 4 years brings, and I hope she never changes from the beautiful, delightful, caring & funny girl that she is now.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you have any special traditions?


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