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As you all probably know very well by now, I take a lot of photos of my girls. A large section of those photos form a project that I do each year, called a 52 week project. Basically the idea is I take a portrait a week of each of the girls separately, as well as one of them together. At the end of every year I then compile those images in to a photobook to have printed and keep on my shelf.

When I take these photos of my girls, and then spend time at the end of every year printing them in to an album, I feel like it's my visual love letter to them. I hope that when they get older and the world starts to get them down and they have moments of self-consciousness and doubt they'll be able to look through these albums and see themselves as I see them, the beautiful, amazing, clever, miraculous blessings they are.

I've been toying with the idea of doing a 52 week video project, but it's just too hard, to be honest. There is no way I could film & edit enough footage each week in between all of my other work & responsibilities. I mean, I could definitely probably get some video footage each week, but it would probably take me months to edit it in to a cohesive video. Heck, I still have so much footage from last year, particularly around Christmas that I haven't even looked at but plan to make films out of one day!

And so, since making this video at the end of summer, and then this one in autumn, I thought why not turn it in to a quarterly project, following the seasons. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm also thinking that I might plan to make a birthday for each girl for their birthday as well, with footage from the last year to show how much they've grown. It's Zee's birthday in July, so I'm not quite sure I will have footage from over the whole year (unless I incorporate video I've shot on my phone!) but by the time Punky's birthday rocks around in November it will be well over a year since I started filming regularly and I'm excited to work on that. I'm already thinking about what music I'll use!

So anyway, with in mind, I've just finished my first video, and I'm calling the series "The Lights of my Life: a visual ode to my daughters" and this is volume 1...

You might have noticed while watching the video that it's got some funky blur & focus going on, it's because I used a special creative lens called a LensBaby Composer Pro which you move & tilt to change the way your image looks and which parts of it are in focus. The one I use looks like this...

Anyway, it's a fun little lens and it's very good for getting me out of a creative rut and firing up some inspiration.

Anyway, that's mostly what I wanted to share with you this week, I'm working on a big project for a photographer friend with the first draft due this evening so I've not had a lot of time to dedicate to blogging or personal work but that's ok, because the project is really fun! We're also renovating our kitchen this week, so to say things are a little crazy around here is an understatement (as I type this I currently only have half a kitchen!).

However, I would like to leave you with a few introductions. As you guys know, I am very lucky to have some really lovely ladies help out behind the scenes of IBOT every week by visiting your blogs and spreading the comment love. There is no way I'd be able to get round and visit everyone each week (although I do try to visit as many posts as I can) and so it's nice to know that #teamIBOT are there to make sure everyone who links up gets a visit.

We had a few people leave teamIBOT last year and so it was time to bring in some fresh blood and we've done just that. You may have noticed them around the last couple of weeks, but if not, it's time to formally introduce them. So please welcome the new members of #teamIBOT...

Northern Aussie Mum aka Bryony

Bryony is a mother of two, currently traveling Australia in a bus! Her favourite thing about blogging is... "having a journal to look back on as the years go by, it also gave me a creative outlet when I was a stay at home mum. I have loved meeting like minded people from all different walks of life and being taught and inspired by all the other amazing bloggers out there."
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Life on Wallace aka Claire

Claire is a mum of 5 (if you haven't seen her amazingly adorable new baby twin girls on Instagram you must go and coo over them right now!) and she blogs at Life on Wallace. Claire says about blogging... "Blogging for me began as a creative outlet while I was on maternity leave with my third son. I've loved sharing my experience of motherhood with five kids aged 6 and under, the odd travel adventure, sewing and baking endeavours with my readers. The blogging community is an amazing and supportive group, it's wonderful to be part of."
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Bound for Somewhere aka Tash

You'll find Tash over at Bound for somewhere, a blog about her journey to find her place in the world, juggling the roles of mother, wife, student & mumpreneur whilst pursing her love for travel. Tash is currently on her 3rd week exploring Bali with 2 kids! Tash says about blogging... "The thing I love most about blogging is not only is blogging therapeutic, it also allows me to connect with other women and not make the motherhood journey so isolating, especially when travelling.
The blogging community it amazing, I've met so many lovely, supportive and inspiring people since I started my blogging journey.
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