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At the end of last year I got a little behind in posting my 52 week project images on the blog, so I thought, seeing as I'm already well in to my 52 week projects for 2017 (not to mention a 365 project too!) I should really finish blogging the last 14 weeks of my 2016 photos. So today and next Thursday I'll finish off the series. I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favourite images.

The title image above is the week 38 Sisters image. This was taken at the kids show at Floriade back in September. The girls took it as their personal responsibility to make sure their cousin bear was well looked after!

Thirty-Nine - Ladies at a 60th birthday garden Party
Forty - A rare moment of happy sharing
Forty-One - Big sister helping little sister catch Pokemon at the park
Forty-Two - Showing Zee the little ladybug she found
Forty-Three - Zee has finally gotten the hang of rising her bike, but she still has a bit to go before she can catch her big sister!
Forty-Four - Trying to get these 2 to stand still & smile for a photo is almost impossible!
Forty-Five - Checking out Daddy's burgeoning herb & chilli garden

Thirty-Eight - Fun in the Bamboo grove at Floriade
Thirty-Nine - Drawing is serious business on a Saturday morning
Forty - Practicing her drop kicks with Dad
Forty-One - There is no greater joy to a child than a swing at the park
Forty-Two - Twirly skirts will never get old for this kid
Forty-Three - Making friends with stick insects
Forty-Four - Putting ong a song & dance show for Nan & Pop
Forty-Five - Picking flowers in the backyard

Thirty-Eight - She was enchanted with the bamboo grove
Thirty-Nine - So glad I'm raising a couple fo sweet little bookworms
Forty - This kid is obsessed with sticks. If there is a stick near by you can bet she will find it!
Forty-One - This kid loves the swings so much that it's meltdown city every time she has to get off
Forty-Two - Playing with lego in the afternoon sun at Nana's
Forty-Three - Always running (in skirts no less!)
Forty-Four - Jumping at Nana's
Forty-Five - Tiny fingers holding tiny flowers in the backyard

Thirty-Eight - Framed
Thirty-Nine - Squirrely (I had to sneak to get this shot without her noticing me
Forty - Photographer's Choice
Forty-One - The Four Seasons Part 4 - Spring blossoms are my favourite
Forty-Two - Low Light
Forty-Three - Whatever the weather
Forty-Four - Photographer's Choice (Zee playing peek-a-boo with giant leaves we found at the park
Forty-Five - Before & After (this is just the after)

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