An Ode to My Blogging Muse

OK, so it's not much of an 'Ode' but whatever. I couldn't think of a better title.
Me and My Blogging Muse, Kelly from Handmade Tears and Triumphs
Kelly, I hope you don't kill me for putting a huge collage of photos of you on the blog, I think you look hawt!

A while ago I wrote about how I had nothing to blog about.

I've had a fair case of 'bloggers block' for quite a while now. It started when I went to the US in May/June 2010. The blog was a year old and up until then I had been in the throes of a mad blogging addiction. As you do.

But after 5 weeks away my addiction was cured somewhat and I realised I had enjoyed not having to worry about coming up with blog posts and new things to write about, worrying about followers and comments, etc, etc. I took a step back and I liked it.

By the end of 2010 I was well and truly suffering from bloggers block. I always had lots of ideas swirling through my brain but when I would sit down at the keyboard the words just would not flow. I still enjoyed reading and commenting on other people's blogs, I just couldn't get anything on the screen for my own blog on a regular basis.

I think part of it was bloggers fatigue (I posted over 500 times in 2010! If that's not addiction I don't know what is!) and part of it was the fact that I was obsessed with getting pregnant and having a baby. My problem there wasn't infertility but a husband who wasn't keen to start trying until he'd turned 30 (which happened at the end of 2010, thank God! I was so damn clucky it's a wonder I didn't start sprouting feathers). But it was still something that I thought and obsessed about, so much so that I couldn't focus on other things.

Even once I fell pregnant I still found it hard to get words on a screen. I had wanted to blog a lot through my pregnancy, to have a record of it, but it just didn't happen. Then Punky was born in November 2011 and of course there just wasn't as much time to blog and my case of new-mum baby-brain was at an all-time high!

But in June, at a dinner for my 30th birthday with my best girlfriends, I encouraged my friend Kelly to start a blog. Kel is a very talented writer, has been since high school (it was always a competition between her and I and two other girls for top spot in English!) and she had recently written an article for a magazine about post-baby body image.

She took my advice and started a blog, Handmade Tears and Triumphs (yes Kel, I am going to take credit for your start in blogging!) and it is awesome! And to be honest, I have been enjoying her posts so much that she has single-handedly managed to reignite my passion for blogging.

My bloggers block has been cured (for now at least, until the next new obsession comes along!) and I have so many ideas  swirling through my brain once again. But the difference now I am actually managing to put fingers to keyboard and getting those ideas down in coherent (mostly) blog posts.

So Kel, mate, thank you so much for being not only my Parenting Guru, my Motherhood Sounding Board, but also my Blogging Muse, and reminding me of how much I love to blog.

Have you ever had bloggers block? What did you do to overcome it and find inspiration? I'd love to know.

P.S. If you're not a fan of Kelly's yet then you should totally be! You can check out her blog here, and her facebook page here. Go on, what are you waiting for, she's the bee's knees!


Kel said…
A few notes on this:
1. Thank you for the kind words *takes a bow*
2. Thank you for making me blog
3. I'm very excited that you're back in the game!
4. How hot was that stripper? *drool*
5. Who's that boy in the photo with the hats? ;-)

Oh and, you're most welcome!
Kylie Purtell said…
1. No worries
2. You're totally welcome
3. Thank YOU!
4. I know! I may still have dreams about him *cough*
5. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I was hoping you wouldn't notice that pic. I picked the better one of the lot! Lol!
Thanks for linking up lovely! I've only been blogging for a year but somedays I wonder what I did with all my time before I blogged . . . maybe taking a step back would be nice . . . but at the moment I am well and truly entrenched!

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