A Bit of An Unforeseen Break

So I've been on a bit of an unforeseen break.

Unforeseen because I didn't really see it coming.

:Life has been hectic lately, as I'm sure it is for you too, with all the usual end of year happenings.

Dave and I haven't had a free weekend in I can't remember how long, and while it's been fun, the things we've been up to, it can also be tiring.

We've just gotten back from a week in Melbourne, where we attended the "largest equestrian show in the Southern Hemisphere", Equitana.

Basically it's a show for horse-lovers, with 3 large pavilions of trade stalls, demo rings, an outdoor arena and lots more. There are Equestrian competitions and demonstrations. Running for 4 days, Dave and I were there to sell books for my work, Capricorn Link. It took me weeks of planning by myself to get everything ready, and I spent a solid two weeks creating a full-colour catalogue with a cover image and blurb of every equestrian book we have (over 250!) split into different sub-categories. It was a big job but I'm pretty proud of my efforts.

While neither of us knows a thing about horses, I know a little about selling books, and Dave is very good at just giving anything a go and chatting to people, so we managed to sell quite a few books at the show. Despite being so very tired by the end of the show (the show was open from 9am to 7pm each day, with set-up and pack-up days either side) we had all of Monday to explore Melbourne, where we had never been before.

We wandered the streets of Melbourne from 10am to 6pm and had a great day. It's a beautiful place, a lot more laid-back than Sydney, and we definitely did not have enough time to 'see-it-all'. So I think we'll have to go down another time for a weekend and see a bit more.
Having a quick sit-down after a looong day of walking around Melbourne

Anyway, now that work has calmed down a little I'm determined to get back to blogging and post a bit more regularly. Hopefully I still have a few readers left after my longer than usual absence.


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