Capturing Life in 2018 {February 52WP} | Photography

Oh autumn, how I love thee! I am so beyond glad that summer is over! I can't wait for the weather to follow suit and get nice & cool & crispy! Not to mention the beautiful golden light that autumn brings once daylight saving finishes. Yee-ha!

With the end of February it's time to share the portrait projects I took for the month. I've really enjoyed capturing their personalities this month, especially Zee who continues to be her funny, unique self in every way possible!

Week 6 ~ Testing the limits of their toys at the park

Week 7 ~ Playing on Nan & Pop's driveway

Week 8 ~ Playing (and fighting) with bubbles at Grandma's

Week 9 ~ Chasing birds in the city, out the front of Customs House, Circular Quay

~ PUNKY ~ WEEKS 6-9 ~
Week 6 ~ In her happy (bouncy) place

Week 7 ~ She's such a poser and she loves Burger Rings too!

Week 8 ~ Just chilling in Grandma's backyard under the clothesline

Week 9 ~ We went to check out the Alphabetical Sydney exhibition at the Museum of Sydney and I loved seeing how interested Punky was in everything. They gave us a little treasure hunt type thing of things we had to find throughout the Museum and Punky had a fabulous time searching through things and asking questions about everything

~ ZEE ~ WEEKS 6-9 ~
Week 6 ~ It doesn't matter where she is, this kid can't walk anywhere, she's always running!

Week 7 ~ Love her chip-dusted face!

Week 8 ~ She is destined to be the class clown, this one

Week 9 ~ Thickshake face after visiting the Museum of Sydney. She's recently become obsessed with jewellery and can't leave the house without at least 2 necklaces, 4 bracelets and her tiara headband, not to mention a ring or two if she can sneak them past me!

How was February for you? Get up to anything fun?


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