Shooting through 2017 {April} | #52weekproject

Oh April, you probably have to be one of my most favourite months of the year. The days are still warm but not sweatingly so, the evenings are cool, but not to the point where I need to be wearing socks & 2 pairs of pants (I'm not the only who does that right?). Autumn is hands down my favourite time of  year, and I'm so thankful that the school holidays happen in April too.

Once again I've done no shooting for my own personal 52 week project, but I have been keeping up with my projects for the girls. I'm so glad I'm able to do this for them, I know in years to come they are going to love being able to look back at these images and see themselves through my eyes.

Every year I put together a photobook with all of their 52 week project images from the previous year. It's a labour of love, and it certainly takes a long time, but I love being able to see all of the photos in one, printed place, and include little tidbits and stories about my favourites.

April is almost at an end, so it's time to share the images I've been capturing for them over the past 5 weeks...

~  S I S T E R S   ~   W E E K S   1 3  -  1 7  ~

Above: My little rays of sunshine; waiting for the train for our adventure to the city; the pure joy that balloons can bring; I bet Batman doesn't have to put up with this level of cheek from his offspring!; Best friends, even when they're sleeping (and maybe even more so because no one is yelling "Mummy! She's touching me!")

~  P U N K Y   ~   W E E K S   1 3 - 1 7  ~

Above: Showing her little cousin T-Bear the trampoline ropes; enjoying the autumn sunshine; in the last week of school the afternoons proved to be all too much!; getting her head-butt on with the balloons; practicing some spins on the tramp.

~  Z E E   ~   W E E K S   1 3 - 1 7   ~

Above: She's seriously the smiliest kid, always has been; showing me the dinosaur ABC book she's reading; also attempting to head-butt a balloon (and failing!); Mmmmm, chocolate!; pulling faces at me through the trampoline net.

I'm dreading the return to school tomorrow, for all the reasons that I touched on in last week's post. Why can't the school holidays be just a little bit longer?

Are your kids back at school yet? Are they as obsessed with balloons as my kids are? Who needs fancy toys when you can play with cheap, blown-up plastic?

P.S I just launched my new website for my business this week, I would love it if you'd check it out and let me know about all of the spelling errors I'm sure to have made! There's also a couple of special offers for anyone interested in test-driving my particular style of family photography too, just click here.


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