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Hoooo boy I have I been busy! I guess like with anything, work begets work. I'm not complaining, I'm getting paid to do something I love and there aren't too many people in this world who can say that!

This weekend just got I spent Saturday afternoon with the most delightful family of 5, taking some photos and filming some video. Then on Sunday I spent the afternoon & evening filming a beautiful wedding with some really lovely people. It was a wonderful experience, and a real learning curve, being the one filming rather than taking photographs. I can't wait till I have time to sit down and go through all of the footage from the day and start putting it together.

Making films has become a big passion of mine and it's so great to be able to practice and increase my skills. I know with every job I take on I'm getting better at the practical & technical skills involved with making films (it's quite different to how you approach a standard photo shoot) and I'm also getting to meet a lot of really lovely people, something I also love to do.

With all of this work on though I've barely had time to scratch myself, let alone blog, so I apologise that this post will be heavy on the images and light on the words.Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite images from my most recent family shoots.

It's been so cool to shoot for people who really get what I do and the way I photograph families. They've been really brave in letting me do my thing and opening their homes to me, not a lot of people like doing that, so it's a real honour & privilege...

 Above: Jasmyne & Zara were so much fun, and oh my gosh, I think Zara is my new favourite baby! Beyond cute! You can see all of the images and the video from their session over on my website here.

 Above: My old friends the Andrades are always a pleasure to work with! You can see their film here.

 Above: I shared the Farley Family's film last week and seriously, most fun family to work with!

These were taken at my most recent shoot on the weekend. I haven't had time to edit more than these 4 favourites and I seriously can't wait to get to work on the rest, and their film!

Which photo is your favourite? Would ever agree to have a photographer come in to your house to take photos?


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