Shooting through 2017 {February} | Photography

Now that it's March it's time for another update on my current photography projects. I've got my four 52 week projects happening (although at this stage it's rather more like 3 as I haven't shot anything for my personal project since January!) as well as my Day in the Life 365 project.

So far I'm doing ok on the 365, there have been a couple of days where I've only remembered to take a picture at the very end of the day, and once or twice I've forgotten to take a photo all together! I'm trying to stress too much about that though and making it up by shooting an extra photo the following day. Near enough is good enough in my books when it comes to this 365, as I think if I stress too much I'll give it up all together!

Can you believe it's March already! February always throws me out with it's shortness, and it didn't really dawn on my till just now that we are a quarter of the way through March! Over halfway through Punky's first term at school. If anyone ever finds a pause button for life I'd really appreciate you sending it my way!

S I S T E R S   ~   W E E K S   5  -  8  ~  5 2   W E E K   P R O J E C T

P U N K Y   ~   W E E K S   5   -   8   ~   5 2   W E E K   P R O J E C T

Z E E   -   W E E K S   5   -   8   ~   5 2   W E E K   P R O J E C T

~  3 8 / 3 6 5 ~ 
Punky breathes. Zee takes offence. Zee whinges at Mummy. Punky lurks in the background with a smirk on her face!

3 6 5   P R O J E C T   ~   1 S T   H A L F   O F   F E B R U A R Y

~  4 9 / 3 6 5  ~
So glad Zee is finally toilet trained!

~  5 4 / 3 6 5  ~
After a few hot days of being stuck inside the weather finally cooled down enough to go outside. When we did, we found this mummified bird on the trampoline. We have no concrete idea of how it got there, but plenty of theories!

3 6 5   P R O J E C T   ~   2 N D   H A L F   O F   F E B R U A R Y

~  5 9 / 3 6 5 ~
Family traditions... we went to Great Grandma Aubre's house so we could take some photos of the girls sitting on the antique rocking chair that has been in the family for over 130 years. There is a photo of every child in the family sitting on that chair at some stage in that 100+ year history and this week it was the girls' turn. After the photos Nana was showing the girls their Great-Grandma's visitors book that has been going for a good 30+ years, and where their Dad has signed his name many times since he was about 5. They were fascinated, and very excited to sign their own names in the book for the first time

How did February turn out for you? Busy? Hot? Anyone else get taken by surprise by March?!

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