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children playing in the garden, Hawkesbury family photography
{Sisters}  Being in the garden, especially at their Grandma or Nana's house is hands down one of their favourite things. Both girls love being outside, and they are so lucky to have a father with a love of bugs and nature who will explore the garden with them and teach them all about the things they find.

little girl twirling in colourful skirt
{Punky} Dave's sister recently returned from a trip to India and bought the girls back some amazing handmade Indian outfits. Punky absolutely loved everything about hers, especially the skirt which is just perfect for twirling.

hild blowing out birthday candles, family photography sydney
{Zee} This kid is obsessed with blowing out candles. She loves it! Doesn't matter whose birthday it is, as soon as she sees cake she is running to be front and centre for the candle blowing! And while she did get perilously close, no hair was burnt in the lowing out of these candles!

child playing in summer, wagga family photography
{Me} The week 4 prompt for the Clickin' Moms P52 was My Favourite Thing. I chose this photo that I took while we were in Wagga last week because it captures perfectly a few of my favourite things. 1. My daughter (of course!). 2. Seeing her happy. And 3. Watching the girls playing with their aunties and uncles and spending time with my family. 

The girls are so lucky to have so many aunties and uncles who absolutely dote on them and are always ready to play. In the photograph above, the girls were playing under the sprinkler at my sister's place. Their Uncle was kinking the hose to stop the flow of water, and once the girls got close enough to the sprinkler to "fix" it, he would release the hose and the water would spray up in their faces. They thought it was the funniest thing and kept going back every time. Knowing what would happen each time did nothing to dampen(!) their enthusiasm!

What are your favourite things?

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