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children playing by Sydney family photographer
{Sisters} Just before Christmas Dave stuffed yet another lawn mower (that's 4 in 8 years of living here!). However due to some extreme laziness being rewarded he managed to score a new one in the form of his Nan's never-used mower, discovered while helping her move the other weekend. So it was with great joy that Dave tamed the backyard jungle meaning these kids could get outside to play again! There were smiles all round, especially when Daddy cleaned off and set up their awesome play equipment we got from the lovely Denyse a while ago.

child watching a movie in cinemas
{Punky} On the 30th January Punky saw her first movie at the cinemas. Granted it was only a mini-length (40 minutes) movie, but it was on the big screen and she was enchanted! She loved every minute of it and couldn't stop talking about how big the screen was. I think we have a new cinema fan on our hands!

child climbing, sydney family photography
{Zee} This girl. She's rather uncoordinated. Watching her run is a painful affair, and it's always with my heart in my throat that I watch her climb things and navigate the play equipment. Her talents definitely lie in more intellectual pursuits, and while it's a scary affair watching her climb and play, and I have to stop myself from hovering around her, it's also really cool to see her developing new skills. The look of pride and joy on her face when she manages to climb over all by herself is worth the fear alone.

lightning in storm clouds over farmland, hawkesbury nsw
{Me} The prompt this week for my Clickin' Moms 52 project is The Four Seasons, part 1. We were challenged to show what the current season in our part of the world looks like. There were so many amazing, gorgeous snow & winter images posted in the forum this week that for a moment I almost wished I lived somewhere that gets snow. I got over that pretty quick though. Snow is not for me!

I took this image when I went down to a park near the river to make a timelapse of the clouds and storms we've had in Sydney recently. The timelapse didn't turn out very good, owing to the fact that I forgot the plate that attaches my camera to my tripod and had to handhold the camera with it resting on the tripod for support. Definitely NOT the way you make a timelapse. Even though the timelapse didn't turn out, I still managed to capture some good shots of this storm cell heading east towards the city, and to my surprise found a couple of frames where I'd even managed to get some lightning in the frame as well.

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