One Perfect Moment {Mummy Dearest}

One Perfect Moment is all about those moments, big or small, that make you wish they'd last forever. Those moments you want to stop in time, when everything feels perfect, even for just a split-second. Snapshots of the mind. Moments to treasure forever.

On Saturday my Mum and step-Dad came over to help us move stuff around the house, change over the girls rooms, do a tip run and take home some furniture. It was a long, exhausting day, filled with lots of sweat and dust. Tears even.

I've been wanting to get this stuff done for a long time. We got a new dining table and buffet back in November last year, and since then the table has been upturned in the corner of the house and the buffet pushed up agains the back door, too heavy for Dave to move himself.

I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have the dining table set up and the old table gone back to Mum's. To have the buffet turned around the right way so I can actually put stuff in it. To be rid of a whole bunch of old, unwanted clutter. And to have the girls in the one room, Punky's old room ready to be set-up as the play room.

We also go a new-to-us lounge. Dave's parent's old lounge, that's too big to fit in the rental they are living in until their new house is ready for them to move in to. It's so good to have a decent lounge again. One that's not broken and so low to the ground that it was a struggle to get out of. It's also leather, which means it's much easier to clean smeared biscuit off!

While Dave and my step-Dad went up to the in-laws place to pick up the lounge, Mum and I got to work setting up the girls' new bed. Again, the bed isn't new. In fact it's the old bed that I used to sleep in, once upon a time, when I was not much older than Punky. It's the top bunk of a set, and underneath we've got the trundle bed for Zee. It's worked really well. Punky absolutely loves being in the top bunk (they are low bunks, made for small children), she was begging to go to bed on Saturday night, a first for her!

Zee being on the trundle means that she is only as high as the inch-high trundle frame and the mattress on top of it. It's taking her a bit to adjust being in a proper bed and not in the cot. The first night was rough, with Dave and I alternating lying on the cot mattress beside her until she eventually fell asleep again at 2am! Last night I got in to bed with Zee and lay there with her until she went off to sleep, her tiny hand resting against my face. Oh my heart!
The girls hanging out in their room together, watching some Fireman Sam on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

While Mum and I were setting up the beds we chatted about this and that, had a whinge about our men (as you do!) and I was struck with the realisation of just how lucky I am to have my Mum. We came so close to losing her last year. It was only by a miracle that her injuries weren't deathly worse. It's been a hard road to recovery, and she's still not at the end, but she has come so far in less than a year. Further and quicker than any of her doctors or physios anticipated or thought possible.

I'm so proud of her.

As we chatted and worked I tried to savour the moment. The time we were spending together. Appreciate the fact that I have a Mum who loves me so much and is prepared to do anything, even drive the 45 minutes to our house to do nothing more exciting than help us move furniture and clear out junk.

To be honest, it wasn't until I became a mother myself that I finally understood how it was that she was able to love me the way that she does. Even at my teenage worst, when I felt like she was the meanest Mum in the world, she was there, loving me, and waiting for the day when I would finally grow up and come back to her.

I hope one day my girls appreciate me the way I appreciate my Mum. I hope one day that they understand all of the choices and decisions I make about them and for them. Know that, like my Mum, I want nothing but the best for them and that I would go to the ends of the earth and further to do what I can for them.

Mum & Punky
I love my Mum. Every moment I have with her is a gift and a treasure. Even the sweat-filled, dust-covered, tool-filled ones.

I treasure every one of those moments.

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Mystery Case said…
I'm rather envious of your weekend and of your relationship with your mother. I'm wanting to give the entire house an overhaul but if I'm honest have had a week of barely coping with the basics with hubby away at sea this last month with no contact or extended family support. My girls are of course older but all going through exams at the moment which especially for the eldest in year 11 has been stressful. I pretty much decided that my priorities have been to get food on the table, help with exam prep and get them to school. Anything else is a bonus.
I must buy a new lounge! We threw a ton of things last junkpile day and that meant we said goodbye to two sofas. New furniture and helpful Mums are always a blessing!
Kaz @ MeltingMoments said…
Beautiful. I too am blessed with a wonderful mum.
I want to see photos of the new couches/table etc! I too am so grateful for my precious mumma, she really is incredible, just like yours. I'm off to have a weekend with my parents over Easter and I can't wait.
Bec @ Wholly Listening said…
It must be the day for appreciating families - that's what I've been thankful for this week too :-)
Your Mum sounds like an awesome woman and you and your girls are lucky to have such a great relationship with her.
Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect said…
One mans trash is another mans treasure. Nothing nicer than a change within the house, and to have loved ones with you, very special moments indeed.
Toni said…
I think I'd be too scared to have 2 toddlers in the one room, but the idea of a separate play room sounds awesome. Also how good is your mum doing better than the drs expected :)
Alicia-OneMotherHen said…
Good on mums hey? I am so glad to have mine, and it's true I didn't really appreciate her until I had kids myself. As a teenager, I thought she was a crazy woman and a massive dork! Turns out us kids were making her crazy and she really was an amazing person :)
Hahaha, yep, I definitely think it's us kids that send them a little bonkers, I know it's true for me!
It has actually turned out really good so far. Punky is wanting to go to bed earlier and actually staying in there, and they have been playing together heaps too, which is really nice to listen to.
Yep, change is good for the soul, I reckon, stops you from stagnating.
We most definitely are lucky xx
Sadly the table is in no fit state for pictures, but as soon as it is I will post some x
It is lovely to finally have a new (to us) lounge after the crappy one we've had for the last almost 7 years. I don't know myself!
You just do what you can and damn the rest! I feel like when it comes to get stuff done around the house we are always one step forward, one step back. But I think of it as a long time project and try not to let it get to me too much, otherwise I'd go crazy!

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