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Monday, 8 September 2014

Best Photo Ever! | Laughs

It's a short and sweet one for me today as I am off to swimming lessons with Zee and then taking advantage of Punky being at pre-school to get stuff done! I just had to share this photo for you all though, I'm sure you'll agree it's a funny one.

Yesterday for Father's Day we spent the afternoon at my sister's place having a BBQ and hanging out with Dad. The day started off shitty weather-wise, but towards the end of the afternoon the sun came out to play and we took advantage of it by throwing around the ball in the backyard.

Punky was very proud of herself learning to catch the ball, although as a newbie to catching there were a few drop balls and mishaps. Thankfully it was a super soft ball, because as this photo below demonstrates, stopping it with your face does little to wipe the smile off my firecrackers dial!

How was your Father's Day? Did you do anything special? What's the funniest photo you've ever taken unintentionally?

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  1. Haha! What a good shot - the ball and the photo. Hope Punky was ok afterwards?

  2. Haha!!! Talk about timing! Hope she was able to keep that smile on her face afterwards :)

  3. I once captured the Alpaca drooling and crapping at the same time. It's the same Alpaca that head butted and split my husband's lip when he was shearing it for my mother. I don't find the photo that funny but everyone else does.

  4. What a great shot! And she is still smiling. Beautiful!

  5. She's such a good sport. I would have sulked and thrown a tanty. I still would! Great photo. xo

  6. Oh that's classic!! Hope you show that at her 18th haha

  7. And she has photographic evidence of who hit her in the face with a football that time haha :)


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