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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Interview with a Husband | Love

Last night I was sitting at the computer trying to think about what to write for IBOT this week. I had nothing. So I asked Dave what he thought I should write about. The ABC 4 Kids changes he said with a smirk. That was his answer to the same question last week, which I did of course do

I said that maybe he should write a post for me, the blogging ladies love a guest post from the men. He looked at me like I was from Mars. "Well how about I interview you, would you do that?" Do I have to be serious, he asked? When I said no he was all on board. So here it is.

Interview with a Husband

I typed Dave's answers as he said them. The italics are direct speech from his mouth. Everything else is what I observed or said to him. It's disconcerting how quick he answered some of these and not others!

What is the best part about being married to Kylie?
Dave: What? Put me on the spot. Do I have to answer honestly? Ummmmm, she breast feeds our kids so I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night.

What is the worst part about being married to Kylie?
Dave: Taste. *shoves a spoonful of pumpkin cous cous in my mouth* It's one of my special ingredients. Worst part? Ummmm. The time I wake her up is not the time she actually wakes up. Having to deal with her absolutely and utterly not being a morning person. Say something like that. 

What is Kylie's most annoying habit?
Sookiness. *Smirks*.
When asked to elaborate... That sums it up. Sookiness. Especially in the morning.

What is Kylie's most endearing habit?
*Sighs*.Takes a looooooong time to think about the answer while staring in the pantry, trying to figure out what to feed Zee...
Dave: I don't know. Insult ones are easier, coz they are the ones I notice.
Surely there is something, I ask him.
Dave: Um....
Ok, now this is starting to get a little weird. Is there anything at all I ask?
Dave: Yeah I'm thinking! And I'm also trying to think about what to give Zee for dinner. *proof that men can't multitask tight there people!
Dave: What about, she's not as sooky in the evenings.
He laughs. That's not a habit I tell him.
Dave: People will think we have a heaps sweet marriage *statement drips in sarcasm*.

What do you admire most about Kylie?
Dave: Your ability to hold a conversation with strangers and acquaintances.

What was the first thing that attracted you to Kylie?
Dave: Maybe your cheeks.When you smile, they're pinchable. *pauses* 
Best. Dad. Ever.
Your driver's licence. *smirks yet again*

What do you enjoy most about being a Dad?
Dave: Lack of boredom.

What do you least enjoy about being a Dad?
Dave: Lack of sleep.

What was your favourite thing to do with Kylie pre-kids?
Dave: Have bonfires down the back of Mum & Dad's. Fishing.

What do you miss doing with Kylie now you have kids and limited time?
Dave: Sleeping. Having money.

What is your most hated household chore?
Dave: It's a tie between folding clothes and mowing.

What is your least hated household chore?
Dave: Probably a tie between cooking and doing the dishwasher.

What's your favourite thing to cook?
Dave: Something delicious and healthy and heaps quick from that brand new animal they've just discovered. *evidence of twisted mind right there*
Dave: That peanut chicken noodle thing we had the other day.

What do you think annoys Kylie most about you?
Dave: When I say "What about me?", or when I whistle, or when I give you undie snaps, though I know you secretly love undie snaps.

Newlyweds on our honeymoon, 2008
What do you think Kylie loves most about you?
Dave: My undie snaps.
Kylie: No. I really don't!

Why do you think Kylie is lucky to be married to you?
Dave: Coz I cook. I don't wanna say the normal smug, coz I'm handsome or anything, but that is one of the reasons. And coz I let you sleep-in in the morning.

What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?
Dave: Patience. And biting your tongue every now and then. You could say choosing my battles. And affection and all that business. And the other business. If you know what I mean. You could write bow chicka wow wow.
Have you ever interviewed your husband or partner for you blog? Are you game enough? I'm inviting everyone to interview their partner on their blog and come back and let me know so I can check it out. I think it would be interesting to get a partner's insight into my blogging buddies! 

And tell me, what do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?


  1. Love it but I might need you to explain what undie snaps are? Photos of undies or something else?

    Not sure I'm game to interview hubby, especially with his mother about to arrive for an extended visit but never say never.

  2. This is hands down one of the funniest and best posts I've read in a long time. Dave sounds like a big of a lege, I might have to do this, although not sure my hubby would play along.. would be interesting to see what he says. Thanks for sharing your hubby with us xx

  3. Sounds like both of you have a great sense of humour which is essential for this marriage thing. I'd love to interview my Micky Blue Eyes but not sure if he'll go for it. Hmmm...we'll see.

  4. My husband would not do this!!!

  5. Kylie! I love this. It is absolutely hilarious. I'm definitely going to do it. Should I ask the same questions? Hmmm. I asked my Dave to write a post for my blog a few months ago, but it didn't work out. This could be fun though :)

  6. You guys have an awesome relationship too btw and what is it with guys and undie snaps? :)

  7. This is so close to what Dadabs would say its scary! Separated at birth perhaps?

  8. Love this Kylie it really is great to read another side to you perhaps. You obviously are great friends I that is the secret. I'm game to try this with my man I think the conversation might be similar.

  9. Oh that is too funny. I might have to steal these questions and ask my husband the same. Funny you asked this, because I interviewed my husband almost a year ago and asked him about his GC Kokoda Challenge and he's about to do it again next weekend! I'll have to see if I can find the interview.

  10. I read that with a smile. I like his spunky sense of humor! I might have to give this a go with Mr Vick one day :)

    I think you're man is onto something about the secret to a happy marriage. Patience. Biting your tongue. Bow chicka wow wow. I think that about sums it up!

  11. lol I should ask my questions the same questions - except it wouldn't be much fun because he would actually be worried what everyone thought of him. He'd want editorial control. Dave is a keeper just for the fact he lets you sleep in! Thats a win around here :)

  12. Very brave :) Breastfeeding the kids as a highlight of marriage? You never know what will come out of a husband's mouth...

  13. This is absolutely hilarious, thank you so much for some pleasant reading on a tuesday evening. Great insight! A man who knows how to pick his battles is definitely the key to a happy marriage in my opinion. xx

  14. He needs to give Trent pointers about how to cook and let me sleep in! I can't interview Trent for my blog because no doubt every answer would be skewed to involve bow chika wow wow

  15. Hahaha thats sooo Dave. And my dear, you could hold a conversation with a shoe.

  16. Too funny Kylie!! LOVED reading this. Undie snap ........ Hilarious!! Oh and just FYI, your cheeks are very pinch able :)) xx

  17. Ha ha ha ha, is he right - do you secretly love the undie snaps? :p I'd interview Willie but the response to every question would go something like 'mumble mumble mumble grunt, what?'

  18. A wise man your Dave. Sounds like a keeper!

  19. This is awesome. And it makes me want to interview Boatman with the same questions. :)

  20. 'bow chicka wow wow', oh that gave me a giggle! x deb

  21. OMG. Love it! No, I haven't interviewed my hubby ... yet ... but you may be onto a new linky here ...
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  22. Haha I love this. I've actually considered interviewing my husband a few times,p. I should do it!

  23. This is so cute! Dave is definitely a keeper (although I'm questioning his pant snapping tendencies). You've just gotta love a guy who cooks and especially a guy who doesn't think kids are boring. Darling! x

  24. Dave is awesome - the perfect match for you chick. I havent done this with my hubby, but I will definitely ask him if he wants to play :) x

  25. Love it! Seriously what is with the undie snapping? Paul does it too and thinks he's hilarious!

  26. Great post!! Renee from Mummy Wife Me sent me over for the linkup!

  27. Thanks Kylie for the great idea, joined in the fun too:)

  28. Loved your post! Thanks for playing along x

  29. I love this Kylie! Great questions, and your Dave sounds like a doll xx

  30. I'm a bit late to the interview party, but I LOVED this! Am about to interview my husband and join in x

  31. Love this! What a neat idea. And a man that can cook - awesome!

  32. What a sweetie Dave sounds... except for the undie snaps. That would drive me nuts!


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