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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Things That I'd Forgotten Are Awesome About Being Pregnant | Pregnancy & Birth

Awesome things about being pregnant

I wrote a post back in January about the things that I'd forgotten kind of suck about being pregnant, and for the rest of this year I have been meaning to follow that up with the flipside post, the things that I'd forgotten are Awesome about being pregnant. Well. Here it is.

It's very easy, especially at this extremely late stage of pregnancy to focus on the crappy things about being pregnant and the negative feelings, both emotional and physical we have when we get to the business end.

One thing that has been helping me to keep things in perspective though, and bringing me back from the darkside of those "Get out of me!" days is to think about the things that are actually kinda awesome about being pregnant.
funny things about being pregnant

Like the anticipation of having a boy or a girl. Whether you find out halfway through or wait for that big surprise at the end, there is nothing more exciting, nothing that captures that feeling you used to get on Christmas Eve as a kid more, than waiting to find out the sex of your baby. We found out early this time and I am so glad we did. While the surprise at the end is nice, its also been nice to be able to plan a bit more for this bubs and not have to worry about buying any clothes (not that that has stopped me) as we will be able to re-use a lot of Punky's old stuff.

And that is another awesome thing. Buying things for the new baby and getting their room or space ready. Anyone that knows me offline knows that I am in no way a domestic goddess and my idea of interior design runs strictly to the functional 99% of the time. If it works, and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, then it really doesn't matter to me so much what it looks like or if it fits the 'aesthetics' of my house. But when it comes to decorating babies and kids rooms, I LOVE it! I get right in to it.

As a kid growing up my Mum always created the most amazing rooms for us. She loves to renovate, redecorate and rearrange and was always more than happy to let us express ourselves in the decoration of our rooms. I remember spending so many hours looking at paint and wallpaper samples, bed linen and other types of things to decorate a room with.

Nothing has changed now that the time has come to decorate my kids rooms and I look forward to helping them decorate their rooms in their own style as they get older. While its hard to get in there and participate in the painting of said rooms (which I must admit, while I love painting, that is another kinda awesome thing about being pregnant too, people will paint the rooms for you!) I still get so much joy out of planning and decorating the space for this new little life.

Pregnant ladies draw attention

Another awesome thing about being pregnant is the attention. Yes I will admit it, it is nice the attention that you get while pregnant. I have been extremely lucky in that I haven't actually received any negative attention from friends, family or strangers about being pregnant, it has all been overwhelmingly positive. People love to chat to you when you are out and about, people are helpful and kind, and you get a bit of a free pass when it comes to how clean and tidy your house is while you are pregnant.

People also excuse your scatterbrainedness which is a very good thing, as anyone who has been pregnant or has kids knows, you really do lose some of the brain capacity you had pre-kids/pre-pregnancy.
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But without a doubt the three best, most awesome things about being pregnant are these...

3. Dreaming about what this new little person will be like. Wondering who they will look like. Imagining all of the possibilities for your new child and the great heights they may one day reach. Basking in the knowledge that this little guy or girl has their whole life ahead of them, they are a clean slate. Knowing that you are so incredibly privileged to be able to watch them journey through life and see it all unfold before them.

2. Feeling those precious kicks and movements inside. Despite having been pregnant twice now, I still struggle to fathom the miracle of it. That something has been created from almost nothing and is growing inside me. A person is growing inside me. You can feel them kick, move, roll over, startle and hiccup, and despite the physical discomfort, there is nothing more amazing than that feeling.

1. Getting a baby at the end of it!

In the face of so many friends and family who have/are struggling with infertility, I am reminded every day of just how lucky I am to be pregnant and I try to NEVER take it for granted. I owe it to those who struggle to try and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy as much as I can, the good and the bad, because I know that for those who are struggling to experience this miracle, their pain is so much worse than any I might be feeling.

What things did you love about being pregnant? What did you think was the most awesome?

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  1. Never did pregnancy that well but the baby at the end, that's what it's all about!

  2. I absolutely LOVED the kicking and movement and hiccups, to the point where I really missed them after the baby was born - I'd gotten so used to the feeling of that little person rolling around inside me and jamming it's feet under my ribs, I actually felt sad afterwards about losing that feeling. Also, the chance to cram food into my face whenever I felt like it was kind of a perk, too! ;)

  3. Ahh I had tears in my eyes reading those three most awesome things. I can't think of anything else to add. You've said it all. I almost feel like having another baby. Better go read your not so awesome things post now ;)

  4. I am loving being pregnant this time around. The first time I was bit of a negative nancy but this time around we suffered a loss and then 15 months of secondary infertility so am loving every minute of it! I love finding out the sex (although the first time around they got the sex wrong and at 36 weeks I had to scramble to change pink to blue) as I love to get everything organized and ready and not have to worry about it once bubba is here. I am loving feeling movements too, so special! Now to find a name for our little man!

  5. I really loved being pregnant. I think it helped that I didn't have any morning sickness at all, just a little tired at the start. I also knew that we were only having one, so made sure to soak in every detail.
    It's getting to the exciting part now Kylie, so glad you've found so many positives. xx

  6. Luckily I have easy pregnancies until the end anyway when the back gives out. I love the movements, it is truly amazing, the whole process! I am excited to see your new little person too, to see who they look like, will she look like Punky or completely different, and the personalities differences that emerge are fascinating. #teamIBOT

  7. One of the things I especially loved about being preggers with the last one, is how easy they are to look after whilst they are inside. No worrying about napping, or feeding, or changing or even 'are they being held too much?' It's just so simple!

  8. I do miss those kicks, not so much as to have another though. LOVE LOVE the newborn smell, grunts, wrinkly hands, those big unblinking eyes! And yes people do seem to be much nicer to pregnant people - and so they should - NEARLY THERE - OMGAWD! xxx

  9. Great post. Thanks for reminding me of the things I should be treasuring x

  10. Lovely post Kylie. I loved the kicks and the imagining and dreaming and anticipation of it all. I'm so excited for you and your family. V.

  11. What did I love about being pregnant? Oh man. I don't do pregnant well. I think I can sum it up like this:
    What's good about being pregnant: you get a baby at the end.
    What sucks about being pregnant: everything else.

  12. An excuse to stuff my face with chocolate and to wear stretchy pants on a daily basis hehe!! Those kicks are pretty special, or when they get hiccups, so cute!

  13. Things I won't miss- heartburn, a baby constantly on my bladder, aches and pains!! Things I will miss- the movements, wearing my trackies all the time as nothing else fits, not having a bump to blame for lack of housework!! Great post!!

  14. I loved both my pregnancies and births, even with the aches and pains and all the rest. I was sad after we'd had our second child, because I knew I'd never experience the magic of pregnancy again.

  15. I love your list! One of my favourite things was people excusing you from doing stuff! I know it may be lazy, and maybe its taking advantage, but I secretly liked when people would say ' oh, don't worry about doing the dishes/hanging the washing/vacuuming.... You're pregnant, you go and rest " ....

  16. I loved the reason to eat lots and do little! Wishing you all the best for birth xx


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